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Eduard Luta (verified user)

Company Type: Agency

Position: CEO

Company Size: 0 -10

No Brainer for any small agency

Reviewed on 2021/01/13

Used daily for 3-6 months

Due to Covid19, we were asked by our clients to offer influencer marketing. We have never done it before. Fourstarzz was a no brainer for us due to the amazing price and flexibility to cancel anytime. Easy to use interface, good database of micro and nano influencers. We loved the step-by step guides and templates that are included in the management piece. Will definately use it for the next campaigns again.

Nico L. (verified user)

Company Type: Start Up

Position: Marketing

Company Size: 0 -10

Find high quality micro influencers fast

Reviewed on 2021/01/8

Used weekly for 1-3 months

+ This tool is very easy to use

+ Similar to Google, you can search for keywords and find fitting influencers

+ great templates (contract templates etc.) included

+ unbeatable price

- manual reporting (but that is OK for that price)

- can not search for multiple keywords at the same time

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