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How to negotiate with influeners

Getting start with influencer negotiation

You have reached out to influencers, shared the campaign brief, and an influencer is interested in collaborating with you. 


The next step is to negotiate and sign a contract with the creator. 


This part of the guide focuses on "How to negotiate a contract with an influencer".


Things to know

The contract negotiation process is an important step. This can decide about the success or failure of your campaign. If you sign a creator too expensive, you might jeopardize your ROI. If you do not define all deliverables in detail, you might not correctly track your results later.


Before you work on your influencer marketing outreach strategy, it's essential to invest some time in research. Clearly understanding your requirements and your deal-breakers set the stage for effective negotiation.


Keep in mind that negotiation isn't about having the last word. Instead, it's about finding a middle path that works for both of the parties involved.


Read on to learn more about the contract negotiation process.

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How to negotiate with an influencer

The contract negotiation with an influencer entails the following steps: 


  1. Define Deliverables

  2. Get Rate from Creator

  3. Evaluate the Rate

  4. Negotiate the Rate

  5. Adapt contract template

  6. Send contract for signature


By sending over the campaign brief, you kicked off the contract negotiations. The campaign brief defines deliverables. 


Based on that, the creator will get back to you with a compensation suggestion. 


Now you need to decide whether you agree or disagree with the pricing. 


You'll for sure have a budget defined and with how many creators you'd like to work. Based on that, you can determine whether someone is out of your budget. 



If your total budget is $10k and you want to work with ten influencers, you might not want to agree to an influencer who charges you $8k.


Keep in mind that there is one big pricing difference between collaborating with creators and, for example, publishing an ad on Facebook or Google: 

  • Facebook or Google charges you for the reach only

  • an influencer creates the content AND delivers the reach



Influencers need to be compensated for both, although they give you one price for everything. That's why their rates might be very fair, even if the CPM price compared to Facebook or Google might be higher. 


Check out our guide and explanations on the topic "Step 5: Rate in the contract" to learn more about evaluating and negotiating the rate. 


We'll cover how to adapt the contract template in the step "Contract sent." 


Let's look here at some examples of how to negotiate the rates and deliverables: 

Example Outreach email: 


Jen, nice to e-meet you. 

I am Daniel from Fourstarzz Media. We are looking for mom influencers that can talk authentically about the importance of high quality, early childhood education. 


The client is a national nonprofit with nearly 40 years of experience advancing quality early learning and care for families with children.


We'd like to collaborate with mom influencers to raise awareness for their programs and educational offerings. Looking at your profile, I think you would be an excellent fit for the campaign. 

The content of the campaign is planned for early November. 


If you are interested in learning more about the campaign, please let me know. 


I'll send you the detailed campaign briefing. 

I am looking forward to hearing from you, 





Brand Response:

Hi Jen, 

Thanks for your quick response. 

Yes, this is a paid collaboration, and we have a budget. 


I have attached the details of what we want to achieve. Could you have a look please and let me know your thoughts?


Please let me know what you'd charge for that. Based on that, we can continue the conversation. 


Thanks a lot, 











Brand Response:


Thanks for providing your rate suggestion. 

We have budgeted for 10 USD / 1000 followers. 

That would mean that we could pay for the two posts and the Instastory $ 504.

I understand that you might charge normally more, but I wanted to ask if you see a chance to agree to that budget? 

It's their first campaign, but they signaled that they are interested in longer-term relations if the results are promising. 

Please let me know your thoughts, 




Brand Response:

Thanks Jen, for the quick feedback.


We'd need the whole package, as we want people to click through to the landing page. The instastory is a crucial part, as it is a good way of talking in a video about the whole story. 


I'll note down the $600 and discuss it with the client. Currently, we aim to decide early next week with whom to work on that first campaign.


I keep you posted.


Thanks and have a great week,

Influencer Response:

Hi Daniel,


This sounds like a great opportunity and a perfect fit for my audience. I am currently accepting paid opportunities with companies that I feel I align with. Would you be able to provide compensation before we move forward on a call or anything? 

Influencer Response:


Hi there!


This is such an authentic topic for me as a former elementary school teacher with a master's in education! For the two posts and three-story slide with swipe ups, I would collectively charge $600. 

I'd love to continue this discussion! 



Influencer Response:


I can do two posts for $504. I'd just ask to omit the story. Is this possible? I would love to foster a longer term relationship. I'm sure this will yield positive results! 

Influencer Response: 



I can be flexible then. I was unsure of how firm the offer was. I can go with your original request, as I'm genuinely passionate about this company's cause as well. Does this firm it up for me?

In this example, you can see how a typical negotiation can develop. 


It shows that if you want to negotiate effectively with influencers, you need to be clear on your priorities. At the same time, you need to understand what motivates social media influencers.


Know your budgets and deliverables. Then explain to the influencer why you do what. For example, we used a calculation for the CPM pricing to justify that we need to go down in the budget. 


Once you negotiate the information, you can enter in the contract. 


Read on in the following steps to learn more about: 

  • How to define deliverables

  • How to calculate the rate

  • How to adapt the contract



Pro Tip

The negotiation process sets the tone for future collaboration. Think long term - once a creator has worked with you, they are convinced about your product. They will optimally continue to promote your products. 


Therefore, it is important to have a total budget in mind, but as well a maximum cost per thousand followers or cost per impressions or engagements that you are willing to pay. That will allow you to evaluate a price suggestion quickly and respond with a counteroffer. 


Let the influencer define a price first, then either accept or re-negotiate it. That offers the chance to optimize your ROI. If you need quick decisions, it makes sense just to communicate the compensation up front. 


As in any other negotiation, this is a psychological game. As there is no market price or rules that everyone is following when defining the rates, it is important that you have a clear budget idea. And that you communicate it. 



Some more tips:


With a little bit of planning and groundwork, you can extend a mutually beneficial deal for both the involved parties.


Here are some additional tips to help you nail the negotiation process for your brand's next social media marketing campaign with an influencer:


Be Thorough With Your Research


Reaching out to a creator with a collaboration proposal is very similar to extending a job offer. You want to 

  • Partner with the right creators 

  • offer them a great deal that they can't resist.


With the Fourstarzz tools, you can easily research the creators and evaluate their content before starting the actual negotiation process. 


Here are a few things that you can check using the tools, data, and reports of Fourstarzz to evaluate the creators: 


  • Brand Fit

  • Follower Count

  • Engagement Rate

  • Audience Demographics

  • Content Quality

  • Influencer Reports

  • Suggested Social Post Value


If you have not used it yet, we suggest you look at the comprehensive influencer report available for most of the listed creators.


From the credibility of followers to influencer follower growth, content engagement, and interests, you can check it all out within minutes.


Be Specific Yet Flexible In Your Approach

Just like with any other negotiation, it's always a good idea to keep some wiggle room while approaching influencers for influencer marketing campaigns.


The point of negotiating is to close a deal so that both parties get a fair value.


Try to accommodate all of the influencer's demands that you think are reasonable. At the same time, be clear on the terms that you are not willing to negotiate.