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Create your Campaign Brief 


Getting started with your campaign brief

The campaign brief is a document that describes both the company and the campaign goals in more detail. Based on the information provided, influencers can define their rates and work on the deliverables.

When creating a campaign briefing, you have to think through all aspects of the campaign (goals, type of content, influencer deliverables, hashtags, reporting requirements). 

Things to know

Here are some key things to know about creating a campaign brief. 


In our experience, the campaign brief is one of the most important things to prepare if you want to work with creators successfully.


Our team and experts have years of experience in working with creators all across the globe. We have executed campaigns with models, actors and actresses, bloggers, YouTubers, Tik Tokers, Instagramers, megastars, and micro-influencers. 


And do you know what? Independent with whom you work together on a campaign, everyone needs answers to the following questions: 

  • Who is the company that is reaching out to me?

  • What is their story, and why is that relevant for me and my audience?

  • What are the goals of the campaign?

  • What shall I do for them?

  • What is the timeline?

Many marketers who start working with creators do not know how much guidance they need to give a creator. They think: "They are the creative ones - and exactly know what they have to do for me."


That is correct - and wrong at the same time. 


The more you prepare upfront, the more guidance you can give to the creators, the quicker you can communicate with them. 


Once you reach out, they will ask you: 

"What do you want me to do for you?


The campaign brief answers that question. It outlines: 

  • Who you are 

  • Why you want to run a campaign

  • What the campaign is all about

  • How you want to include an influencer in the campaign

  • What is the timeline?


The creators will immediately feel that you are well prepared, serious, and highly professional and, therefore, much more open to considering your offer. 


That's why we'll teach you in this first step 

  • How to create a campaign brief

  • How to use our proven campaign brief template

  • What to do with the campaign brief

Let's get started.

How to create a campaign brief

Before reaching out to influencers, think about the deliverables: 

  • Which social media channels?

  • How many posts?

  • What type of content?

  • What is the call to action?

  • How shall they link to your page?

  • Do they get voucher codes?

  • How do they experience your products?


You can define all this in a campaign brief. 

The campaign brief can be either in a table format (campaign questionnaire) or written format. We provide templates for both.

The Campaign Questionnaire

In the following section, we provide guidelines and examples on how to fill out the questionnaire.

Campaign Title:

Provide a title for your campaign. Help the creator to understand the purpose of the campaign immediately. 


Awareness Campaign Cola Winterdrink 


For creators, your brand must align with their values. Please provide them with a link to your general website and or the landing page.  You can provide links to PR articles, Facebook Business Page, etc.)

Earliest Content Publication Date:

Set a content publication date for your campaign. 

Plan with a minimum of 4 weeks from the time you first reach out until content is published. There is some time needed for sending the products and creating the content. 


Latest Content Publication Date

Indicate as well the latest date content should be live.


Brand Bio

Talk in this section about your company. 


Provide information about the company, the mission, values, and USP's. 


Make it short and relevant for influencers (don't include financials, etc.). 


Campaign objectives

This section aims to brief the influencer about what you want to achieve with the collaboration. 

Please outline your needs and describe what you are looking for as an output. 


The more details you provide, the better.



The goal of the campaign is to increase awareness for the newly launched Cola Winterdrink. We are looking to collaborate with creators on Instagram and Youtube. Creators shall introduce the product in an authentic way to their audiences. KPI is impressions and engagements.


The creator campaign is part of a broader marketing effort. We want to create authentic content, re-use this content on our social channels, and pay ads campaigns. 


Product/ Service:


  • Name of product or service

  • Link to the Product/ service page


Talking Points:

Define the USP and important marketing messages of your product.


This will guide creators during the content creation phase.

Campaign Guidelines:

a) Source of information

Creators shall create authentic content and talk about your product/ service with their voice. 


Define how creators will get in touch with your product or service. 


Possibilities are: 

Event: Invite creators to a local event or trade fair to learn more about your product or service.


Online webinar: Invite creators to a short kick-off webinar, where one of your experts explains products or services. 


Websites: Ask influencers to visit a specific part of your website to educate themselves.


Product samples: If you have a physical product, send the product to the influencers. 


Store/Restaurant visit: If you have an offline business, invite creators to visit a store. You can provide them with voucher codes to experience your service. 


Independent what you choose - please describe if and how many products an influencer gets for testing, how they can participate in a webinar etc. 


Please list as well websites, links to relevant blog articles, Links to Social channels, etc. 


b) Product Selection Process

Describe if and how an influencer can choose the product. 



  • Go to the website for choosing the product, and we'll send it to you

  • Go to the website, use voucher code XYZ and order the product


c) Publication Guidelines

Describe what an influencer needs to do. Include 

  • Social channels

  • Type of content (video, picture, text)

  • Number of publications

  • Timing of publications (Dates, time,...)

  • Requirements for pictures: Visibility of product and person, Tonality of image (fun, serious, professional), etc. 

  • Requirements for video: Length, what image style, talking points, etc. 

  • Requirements for caption or description text

  • Hashtags, keywords to be used

  • The Tonality of publication (funny, serious, etc.)

  • Call to action (trackable link, voucher code, contests, etc.)

  • FTC compliance


The more details you can provide, the easier it is for the influencer to make a decision. This is the part where you decide about your campaign's success - and you need to define the success for you. 


Think backward: what do you want to get out of it and then define each of these steps. 


Review Procedure:

Describe the review procedure. Outline how content will be reviewed and approved before it goes live. 



Please send us pictures, videos, and text drafts 48 hours before publication to the following email. 


We reserve the right to request changes.



Add anything important to you. We always suggest adding a disclaimer, even if you'll sign a contract afterward. 




ADVERTISER and ADVERTISER/AGENCY reserve the right to use any content from this campaign for any other promotional use.


  1. Download the campaign briefing template

  2. Adapt the campaign briefing template

  3. Save the template

  4. Mark the checkbox in the tracking tool as done

  5. Go to step 2

Pro Tips

You can fill out the questionnaire and send the document as is to a creator. 

If you want to add a bit more branding and additional content, you can write up a document. 

Template Download

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