Getting started with reviewing influencer generated content

You can specify your review process in the contract template. 


Reviewing influencer generated content before it goes live is essential to ensure quality and compliance with your content guidelines. 

Things to know

It is a standard process in the influencer industry to ask influencers to send the content before publication. 


But as an advertiser, it is essential to understand that this final review process should be rather a fact check than a detailed content review process and related change requests. 


The influencer has created pictures and video content based on your input. To avoid any surprises in style, please make sure that your campaign brief is very detailed. 


At this stage, you only want to check whether your brand is represented correctly.

How to review influencer content

If you are reviewing Instagram, Facebook, or Blog posts, you might want to ask the influencer to send you one Word document. For each post, they can add 

  • the picture

  • caption-text

  • hashtags

  • links


You can then comment directly into the document and send it back. 


Ensure that all hashtags are correct and that there is space between them (if not, they might not be displayed correctly if the influencer copies over your approved version). 


Check that your social account is correctly tagged. 


Proofread the caption text and correct any spelling or grammar issues.


If you are reviewing a video, ask them to send you the video. 

The video file might be too big for an email. You can suggest that the influencers share the video via google drive, dropbox, or a filesharing tool like


For Instagram Stories, ask them to send you the final version of the Instagram Story, including all tags, hashtags etc. 


Then send back an email to the influencer with your feedback. If all is correct, ask the influencer to provide you with the final publication date and time.