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Send Campaign Brief

Getting started with sending your campaign brief

Congrats - you have reached out to influencers, and they responded positively to your initial email. 


That's great. 

Now it is time to share with them the campaign details.


Things to know

Sending the campaign brief to the influencer is the starting point of your contract negotiation. 


With the campaign brief, you define the deliverables.


Once they know the deliverables, the influencer can get back to you with their rates and compensation. 


We recommend asking the influencers to send their media kit. The influencer's media kit includes typically up to date data on their audience and past collaborations. 

How to send the campaign brief to the influencers

The creator has signaled interest in working with you and has most probably asked you for more details. 


In step 1, you have prepared the campaign brief. In case you have not yet created the campaign brief, check out templates and tips here: 

STEP 1 - Create a campaign brief


You can respond now, thanking them for their interest, and attach the campaign brief. In that response email, you want to ask the influencer for his/ her media kit and compensation expectations. 


If you use the in-app messenger, follow the following steps:


1) Click on Contact Influencer

2) Copy the email template text and enter in the messenger field

3) Attach a file by drag and drop into the area or by clicking on "Attach files."

4) Sent


Note: You will not receive a sender notification, but rest assured that your email was delivered. 

Pro Tips

Even if you have a fixed budget in mind, we recommend that the creators come back with a compensation suggestion. 


On the one side, that forces them to read through the briefing and start thinking about the campaign:


  • How much time does it take me to do the content?

  • What do I need to do?

  • Do I have time?

  • What is fair compensation considering the brand, product, and required deliverables?


Be prepared as well to answer questions. Typical questions they might have are: 

  • Can we change the structure of posts?

  • How long does the sending of a product take?


Try to answer any questions creators might have within one business day - often, they have many campaign requests, so try to keep their attention alive. 

Screen Shot 2020-10-20 at 04.39.49.png
Screen Shot 2020-10-20 at 04.40.03.png


Email Campaign Brief


Hello [Influencer Name], 

Thanks for your interest in collaborating with us. 


I have attached a briefing document outlining the campaign goals. You find as well additional information about our company and the products/ services. 


Please have a look and let me know if you have any questions. Can you share with us your media kit and your rates for the outlined campaign deliverables?