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What to do at the date of content publication?

At the date of the publication, you want to check whether the content is published. 


Influencers are humans and no machines. Therefore we recommend: "Trust is good, control is better". 


You can check on the influencer's social profile, whether the content is live. Just click in your Fourstarzz dashboard on the influencer's profile. 


If the content is not live yet, you can reach out to the influencer. Ask them politely whether they can send you the link to the publication once it is live.


If the content is live, you want to do the following: 


1) Add the URL to the reporting sheet in the Fourstarzz Campaign Sheet
a) Click on "Analyze."
b) Click on "Add a publication
c) Copy and paste the link into the link field


Screen Shot 2020-10-26 at 16.44.37.png

2) Control the content 
-> check spelling
-> check links
-> check the hashtags

3) Share the URL with your social media teams

4) Like the post and comment with your company account.
Comment example: 
Thanks, @xyz, for mentioning us. 


5) If it is an Instagram story, you might want to save the story. There are some legal tools (google for Instagram Story Downloader)