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We help brands master influencer marketing campaigns

Influencer marketing can be time-consuming, hard to scale, and difficult to measure. At Fourstarzz Media, we fully manage your influencer campaigns, from ideation to execution, so that you can focus on more important aspects of your business.

We can help you achieve exceptional returns on your marketing investment through:

Innovative, Customized, and Targeted Strategy





750K+ Social Media Influencer Pool

Unlimited Revisions on Influencer Selection

Content Approval

Before Publication

Right to Repurpose

Influencer-Generated Content

Comprehensive Reporting

Well-Managed and Timely-Executed Influencer Campaigns

Want to skyrocket your brand’s growth with influencer marketing?

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We Offer

Our managed influencer marketing campaign offerings include

A Dedicated

Project Manager

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We will manage and optimize every aspect of your influencer campaign.


Strategy & Design

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We will meet your campaign objectives on a limited budget.



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We will identify, evaluate, approve, and sign contracts with the right influencers.


Content Creation

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We will co-create content that can engage your target audience.


Activation & Monitoring

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We will ensure that the campaign is moving in the right direction.



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You can finalize how to and how much to pay each influencer.


Content Amplification

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We can amplify the reach of influencer-generated content using paid ads.


& Reporting

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We will track results and continue doing what’s right for your campaign.

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Want to learn more about how our agency can help you?

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The Process

We Follow

Want to learn about how we proceed with launching effective influencer campaigns for our clients? Our influencer marketing agency has a simple five-step plan for you, which includes:

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How We've Helped Brands

Leverage Influencers



Our Clients Say

" Fourstarzz Media knows influencer marketing in and out. They understand the needs of a global company like ours and more importantly deliver results."

Michael Korkia


Frequently Asked


Q. What kind of support do you offer for campaign planning and execution?

We can help you with parts of the campaign or we can manage the entire campaign from start to finish for you. If you need support, templates, or guidance, please contact us.

Q.How can I get started?

You can request a detailed proposal/quote from us based on your campaign goals, absolutely for free. We also provide a 1-hour consultation call to discuss ideas in detail.

Q.How can managed influencer marketing campaigns help my brand?

Our agency has managed numerous influencer marketing campaigns to help brands:


- Successfully launch products

- Increase social followings and brand awareness

- Create authentic product reviews and other content

- Enrich cause marketing

- Grow website traffic and email lists

- Boost app downloads, appointment bookings, online sales

- Promote events

- Establish influencer affiliates

- Improve SEO

- Find brand ambassadors

We can do the same for your brand.

Q.What kind of influencers do you work with?

Our influencer marketing agency maintains a real-time database of 800K+ diverse influencer profiles across different niches. From celebrities to nano-influencers, we work with all kinds of influencers. We work with multi-lingual influencers who speak French, German, Spanish, and English.

Q.Which social platforms are your influencers active on?

Our influencer marketing agency is in touch with influencers from multiple platforms, including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest, TikTok, and Twitch. We can also help you find active bloggers in your niche.

Q.Can I pick the influencersI want to collaborate with?

Yes. Our agency gives you the flexibility to select the influencers of your choice for your campaigns. If our agency hasn’t signed them up, we’ll be happy to reach out to them.

Q.Do you vet influencers?

Yes. Our influencer marketing agency analyzes influencer profiles before initiating a collaboration. To maintain credibility, we monitor all influencer profiles in our database regularly and immediately remove flagged influencers.

Q.Have other questions?

Please feel free to ask.