2019 SEO Trends Your Small Business Can Use

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

SEO Trends

In a global economy, SEO matters now more than ever. As more of the world moves primarily online, businesses are facing more competition on a global scale. Where you might have once competed with businesses in your area, you now have to consider the businesses everywhere.

Digital marketing is ever-evolving in tandem with technology. To get ahead of the curve, here are the 2019 SEO trends your small business can use to improve your rankings.

Influencer Marketing

While social media and SEO tend to stand in two separate pillars under the digital marketing umbrella, there is often overlap between the two. A well-planned social media campaign can drive traffic to your website, boosting your stats. Alternatively, smart redirection on your site can improve your social media shares and audience.

Using influencer marketing can be very beneficial for creating a strong balance of inbound and outbound links. In fact, by using influencer marketing, you're greatly improving the number of backlinks to your content. Influencer marketing also adds a fresh perspective and unique batch of content to your portfolio, generating new audience interest and increasing traffic through sharing.

If your business has yet to explore this avenue of digital marketing, 2019 is the time to make it happen. Find influencers that are relevant to your brand and have a proven track record of success. Determine the right compensation for your request and be sure that the proper regulations surrounding identifying sponsored posts is followed.

Optimize for Voice Search

Historically, one of the trickiest parts about using the right anchor text and keywords for SEO has been making them look natural rather than forced. However, the landscape of how people search for information is changing.

It's estimated that 20% of Google searches are now voice search, and that number continues to grow as time goes by. As remote work continues and more people purchase home assistants and smart technology for their home, office, and even vehicles, voice search will eventually dominate.

The main difference between voice search and search by type is the sentence structure. Someone looking for the best Irish pub in their area might type a broken sentence ("best Irish pub Halifax" for example). Someone using voice search is more likely to phrase the search as a proper question ("What's the best Irish pub near me?"). Modern businesses are faced with the challenge of finding the right keyword structure to optimize for both, whether they do so manually or develop an IT integration to help.

Outreach and Link Building

As time goes by, it gets more challenging to trick the Googlebot. Linkbuilding plays a key role in SEO, which is becoming more apparent with each passing year. In the past, businesses would often take the blackhat method of paying spammy sites for backlinks. Now, Google can detect when this pattern emerges; in 2019, it's better to operate aboveboard.

One of the most effective SEO trends of 2019 is engaging in link building outreach. You can enlist a service to reach out to websites to include your content links. These services can also generate custom content that links back to your page. Both are effective ways to boost SEO rapidly and ethically.

While some businesses choose to outsource, others use tools to handle outreach in-house. This process consists of tracking the number of backlinks and finding competitors links that could be replaced with yours.

Final Thoughts

From improving your site speed to doing keyword research, there are plenty of ways to improve your SEO. The three trends listed here will give your current strategy a further boost, setting you apart from the competition now and in the future.