5 Methods Innovative Companies Use Marketing Software For

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

The trend of digital marketing

Ever since technology revolutionized our everyday lives, traditional marketing is no longer as effective. The trend of digital marketing has changed the entire marketing strategies - from social media marketing, influencer marketing, PPC campaigns, and content marketing to inbound marketing. Nowadays, companies are increasingly shifting marketing strategies to ensure business sales. All these platforms are now typically favored for engaging and attracting online buyers.

However, even with digital marketing, the sales team is faced with many challenges. Finding qualified leads, getting a response from clients, performing administrative tasks, maintaining customer relationships while doing every other work task can become tiresome.

Fourstarzz Media offers influencer marketing solutions that can help you search for influencers, organizing campaigns and managing the campaign workflow. Marketing management software enables the process, precision, and analysis in everyday marketing campaigns.

According to research by Forbes, the marketing software industry is estimated to reach $7.63 billion by 2025. The software not only optimizes the processes by helping to score, nurture, and track sales leads. With that, here are five methods that innovative companies use marketing software.

5 Methods Innovative Companies Use Marketing Software For

1. Influencer Sales Funnel

In the current era of advertisements, influencer marketing campaigns continue to be adopted by many companies around the world. Many people take influencer marketing as an awareness strategy, however influencer sales funnel takes the whole funnel into consideration: reach, impressions, engagements, clicks, and sales.

When built correctly, an influencer marketing sales funnel allows you to familiarize your brand through awareness and incentivize the potential customer to take action.

Marketing software can help you with building a powerful influencer sales funnel to increase brand awareness of your potential leads. Influencer Marketing Platforms are at the start of building an influencer sales funnel: it helps you find the right influencers for your brand so you won’t waste time searching for irrelevant ones. In fact, the Fourstarzz Media Influencer Marketing Platform lets you search for influencers using various parameters such as location, demographics, language, and interests, among others.

2. Campaign Management

Influencer marketing software often comes with helpful templates and easy-to-use tools. If you have a small in-house sales and marketing team, you can make use of available marketing software targeted for the needs of small companies. This is essential to make sure you’re only deploying software that suits your business needs and budget.

Every campaign requires a proper project team that is responsible for dealing with a particular client while ensuring their requirements are fulfilled. However, with influencer marketing software, campaign management will become the least of your problems. Fourstarzz Media, for example, has an in-app influencer campaign tracking tool. This lets you oversee the progress of your campaign, leading you step by step through the campaign and helping you to run campaigns effectively.

3. Integration with Online and Offline Channels

Tools for multi-channel marketing make the overall integration easier with online and offline systems. Such campaigns include broadcasting, call center surveys, sample surveys, or direct mail. This provides an overall broader view that helps sales teams evaluate the effectiveness of campaigns with every lead segment. Understanding the behavior of the buyer is everything when it comes to marketing strategies.

4. Analytics

The Fourstarzz Media influencer marketing platform features more than 525k influencer profiles. Each profile includes rich analytic data such as estimated pricing, reach average engagement rates of the last posts and audience demographics. The influencer profiles include the reach as well as average engagement reaches such as the number of likes, comments, and shares divided by the number of followers.

Influencer Marketing tools are highly beneficial for your business as it allows you to keep track of highest-ranking posts and performances. You can conveniently work on areas that rank low and enhance average engagement.

Moreover, the influencer marketing platform includes a campaign dashboard, which helps to compare multiple influencer profiles. Fourstarzz offers a predictive return on investment tool, which takes into consideration the past performance of influencers, as well as the estimated pricing. In combination with your company-specific data such as average click-through rates on your website etc. You can simply use the predictive ROI tool to calculate and estimate the average estimated ROI of your influencer marketing campaign.

5. Progressive Profiling

Important part of any marketing strategy is to get leads and capture the buyer data. Influencer marketing software offers to make it all easier for you. By finding and engaging the right influencers, you can reach new audiences and potential clients and funnel new traffic to your landing pages.

You can progressively profile leads, which helps to capture new information about them every time a form is filled on your website.

Selecting the Intuitive Marketing Operations Software

Business priorities might differ when it comes to selecting the best marketing software for their organization. While there is a long marketing software list, you must choose one that best suits your needs and fulfill day-to-day sales requirements. Whether it’s digital marketing or influencer marketing,