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7 Effective Ways to Raise Your Business’ Instagram Followers

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

By Bailey Herrera

With billions of users, Instagram can be very competitive when it comes to gaining high numbers of followers and likes. Being successful on the platform means battling tricky algorithms and attempting to use the platform as efficiently as Instagrams' young user base.

However, gaining traffic on Instagram doesn't need to be as tricky as it may appear. With just a little effort and dedication to the platform, it’s simple to gain more followers. Here are 7 effective ways to raise your business’ Instagram followers:

1. Optimize Your Instagram Landing Page

A good profile photo and bio can be a game-changer when it comes to attracting new followers. They are the first two things people will see when they first visit your page. Both need to be professional and grab an audience's attention.

When it comes to a business profile picture, a logo is always a safe option. This is a great way to show what your brand is about and a nice way to keep it professional. If you’re not using a logo, make sure it is something that tells the story of your brand and is up to date.

Your Instagram bio is one of the most important parts of your brands’ page. It needs to be informative, concise, and enticing to the user so they will continue looking at your page. A good bio offers:

1) A brief introduction to your company

2) A logical order

3) Link to a website and/or other social platforms

Similar to your profile picture, you’re bio also needs to be current as well. No one needs to see a ‘Happy Holidays’ message in July.

2. Have a professional looking feed

A person's decision to follow your brands’ Instagram is almost always going to be contingent on the appeal of your Instagram feed. Having a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed is essential in today’s day and age. No one will want to follow a page that is boring and not well put together.

Have a professional looking feed

Your aesthetic doesn’t need to be absolutely perfect but it needs attention. When all of your pictures are put together on the grid, they should be cohesive and appealing to the eye.

The easiest way to keep a cohesive aesthetic is by using the same 1-2 filters for every post. This way all pictures look like they go together on your feed. Clashing photos are a no go on Instagram.

3. Take advantage of Instagram stories and highlights

Instagram stories have been a huge trend lately and saving stories to your highlights is a great way to keep people looking at your page.

Instagram stories are great because they can be less formal than what would be posted on your feed. Stories can promote new posts, put out new information about your brand (sales, giveaways, etc), and show a bit of personality from your brand.

While it’s important to use stories, it is equally as important to save them to your highlights. Your brands’ highlights will appear on your profile page and are another great introduction to your company for new followers.

Take advantage of Instagram stories and highlights

When it comes to highlights, it is beneficial for each highlight to tell a story of an important aspect of your brand. It is also beneficial to make sure that the cover photos make sense and keep in line with your Instagram aesthetic.

4. Use Popular Hashtags and Locations

Using popular hashtags and locations in your Instagram posts and stories is an effective way to drive traffic to your company’s profile.

Use Popular Hashtags and Locations

Using hashtags and locations in your Instagram stories can make it more likely for your stories to end up on the explore page for potential new followers. There are also geo-stories for each hashtag and location. So, be sure to take advantage of the location and hashtag stickers for your Instagram Stories, this way they can be seen by a broader audience.

Using locations and hashtags on Instagram posts work in the same way. Posts with said hashtags and locations will come up when those locations and hashtags are searched, also allowing your posts to be seen by a fresh audience.

influencer marketing hashtag

Having an attractive looking feed will again come in handy with this scenario. Chances are there will be thousands, maybe millions of posts with these hashtags and locations. It’s important that your posts are enticing enough to gain clicks on the explore pages.

5. Stay Active

Staying active on Instagram is imperative to your brands’ success on the platform. Being engaged and consistent are great ways to intrigue users to follow your page. Some simple ways to maintain your Instagram activity are:

  • Posting multiple times a week

  • Using Instagram stories as frequently as possible

  • Replying to comments on your posts

  • Following the followers of your competitor (and liking/commenting on their posts)

  • Respond to DM’s quickly and effectively

6. Promote Instagram everywhere

If you have a strong following on other platforms this could be a very easy way to drive traffic to your Instagram. Using other platforms, you can promote new posts and get existing followers to follow you on Instagram.

Even if you don’t, it’s always beneficial to link to your Instagram on websites and other social media platforms. This way, if someone stumbles upon your company Twitter, it’s then a very simple road to find your Instagram.