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Build Your Own Branded Advent Calendar with Micro-Influencers

The Holidays are just around the corner and will soon land upon your stores. Between November 1 and December 31, consumers spent upwards of $2 billion per day. Now is the time to prepare. So what can you do to capitalize on this multi-billion-dollar opportunity? Let your potential customers discover the excitement counting down the days to Christmas with your own branded Online Advent Calendar. Add social media micro-influencers to the mix and give it a unique twist.

What is an Online Advent Calendar?

An online version of a special calendar used to count the days of Advent in anticipation of Christmas.

The Advent Calendar is one of the most popular Christmas traditions.

The tradition can be traced back to the 19th Century, where families colored a line of chalk on their doors every day in December until Christmas day.

Times have changed, the calendar is now a part of the digital world, and we think it presents some great opportunities to promote your product.

How does it work?

The online advent calendar has 25 windows, one for each day of December leading up to and including December 25.

Micro-influencers promote the individual calendar windows on their social accounts. The calendar windows open to reveal your products or services on custom-built landing pages.

By providing their contact info, site visitors can participate in a prize drawing for the product or service of the day.

The winners will be announced by the micro-influencers the following day.

How to build your Advent Calendar?

Pick one of the many providers that let you create personal & often free online Advent Calendars.

They provide everything you need to set it up a professional and well-functioning calendar.

These providers make it easy for you to handle every aspect of running an Advent Calendar, including sending email reminders, detailed statistics, and managing the winners.

You can start here:




Why engaging Micro-Influencers?

Micro-influencers are individuals that have between 10,000 and 100,000 followers on Social Media and are considered experts in their respective niche. 

They could be food bloggers, travelers, local fashionistas, or personal trainers.

These focused niche experts connect on a deeper level with your target audiences and generate higher engagement which translates to clicks on your Advent Calendar.

Hire the best fitting micro-influencers for your business, send them product samples, and let them promote your Advent Calendar on their Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Blog, TikTok, SnapChat, or YouTube.

How to Find & Manage Micro-Influencers?

Right off the bat, there are tons of influencer discovery tools out there that you can use to find influencers.

The problem is that most of them ask for a considerable monthly subscription fee, however, we’ve got good news.

Subscribe to the best value influencer marketing platform, Fourstarzz Unlimited, and search the inventory of more than 795,000 influencers.

Filter your results based on influencer & follower demographics, location, language, interests, reach, engagement rate, and more. Once the influencers are selected, stay on top of your Advent Calendar campaign by using the in-app campaign tracking tool.

Your Advent Calendar To-do List

  1. Build your online advent calendar & landing pages

  2. Identify, reach out, and brief micro-influencers

  3. Send product samples to selected micro-influencers

  4. Micro-influencers start to promote your calendar prior to December 1st

  5. Micro-influencers promote calendar windows between December 1st and December 25th

  6. Send products to daily prize draw winners between December 2nd and December 26th

Online Advent Calendar Examples

This Advent Calendar was designed for Brothers Australia, an innovative brand that produces quality print, imaging, labeling, and sewing products. When you click on the day, it reveals one of their exciting offers. 

Source: www.shortstack.com

Throughout December, Priceline.com was engaging website visitors with 12 exciting days of deals, offers, and prize giveaways.

The advent calendar encourages visitors to come back every other day to unlock a new window, where they can submit their personal details in return for the chance to access the exclusive deal.

From tickets to a warm Mexican vacation getaway to an exclusive 5% off Express Deal hotels, the calendar is sure to put a smile on follower’s faces this Christmas. And, even if the day has passed, Priceline.com still inspires travel bookings by including a ‘book now’ call-to-action on each window. 

Source: www.wayin.com

As the Christmas decorations start to make their annual appearance, glistening lights take over the streets and mulled wine begins to hit the shelves, the countdown to Christmas is officially underway.

HGTV Canada is capitalizing on the seasonal occasion with an engaging, ‘15 Days of Holiday Giveaways’ advent calendar to build excitement throughout the festive season for its channel, HGTV Canada.

By revealing plenty of holiday content, tips, tricks, and not to mention 15 exciting prize giveaways, participants have every reason to get involved!

Participants can submit their personal details and also choose to opt-in to receive the HGTV Canada newsletter for the latest updates, providing HGTV with valuable audience data that can be reused in future marketing promotions. 

Source: www.wayin.com

Signet Jewellers is adding a dash of holiday sparkle to its store, H.Samuel, with a month-long advent calendar. Each and every day, H. Samuel is revealing an exclusive prize giveaway on selected jewelry items.

To get involved, participants must follow H.Samuel on social media using the Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook icons provided, and are required to submit their personal details to confirm their entry.

To support in helping to boost its social following, H.Samuel is also using the hashtag #SparkleThisChristmas to drive social conversation and maximize campaign awareness. 

Source: www.wayin.com


Advents Calendar is a count down till Christmas. But there are many other events every year, where a brand can leverage the excitement for an upcoming event:

- count down to the new year

- count down to the Super Bowl

- count down to the start of the new sports season etc.

Combining both - a calendar with a giveaway structure - and influencer generated content can be pretty powerful.

Please refer to our resources and blogposts if you want to learn more about how to reach out to influencers, how to contract influencers, create an influencer marketing campaign, or how to measure the impact of an influencer marketing campaign.

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