Fourstarzz Media sets foot in Asia

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Fourstarzz Media is proud to announce Hong Kong based Influencer Marketing Agency Digital Business Lab as an addition to its Influencer Metasearch Engine.

Fourstarzz Media continues to provide the one-stop shop for finding the perfect influencer and related influencer marketing services across the globe. With the addition of Micro-Influencer Marketing Agency DIGITAL BUSINESS LAB Fourstarzz Media offers its clients access to influencers in the US, Europe and to the fast growing Asian Market.

„The shift towards Social Media adoption has created an opportunity for Brands to make direct contact and collaborate with influencers. It is especially true for the Asian markets where social media adoption and usage rates are of the highest among the world“ states Albin Lix, CEO and Founder of Digital Business Lab.

Source: Instagram

“We are thrilled to offer our clients with DIGITAL BUSINESS LAB access to a Hongkong based Micro-Influencer agency,” says Daniel Troesch, Managing Director of Fourstarzz Media and responsible for influencer network partnerships.

“DIGITAL BUSINESS LAB provides a growing network of Micro-Influencers from Hong Kong and mainland China. The Micro-Influencers are looking for cooperations with brands in Asia, Europe and the US. Language and cultural differences makes it often difficult to find fitting influencers in Hong Kong. Connecting with these influencers from Asia is a lot easier and more efficient when working with DIGITAL BUSINESS LAB Hong Kong based teams.“

Customers can use Fourstarzz Media to find the best fitting Hong Kong influencers using the advanced search capabilities of Fourstarzz Influencer Metasearch, which is directly connected to the DIGITAL BUSINESS LAB database.

There, you can compare and analyze the influencers against others. The DIGITAL BUSINESS LAB team will then help execute the campaigns, using their local experience and network of 1000+ Micro-Influencers.

Influencer Marketing is one of the fastest growing marketing practices with a growing number of Influencer Marketing Services and networks. Each network provides a special technology or set of influencers, helping marketers to combine the authenticity of influencers with the scalability of a tech-driven ad network.

Fourstarzz Media consolidates various influencer networks into one online platform, allowing brands and agencies to search and compare through this unique mix of influencers and related services and run the campaigns using the partner networks.

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