Generation Snapchat – The Guide to Snapchat Marketing

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

By Michael Kleine

The Guide to Snapchat Marketing


Having a hard time engaging with Generation Z and in turn an even tougher time with your customers? Look no further. Influencer marketing on Snapchat is being used and in spite of all criticism is still a great way how marketers can engage with young people all over the world. Whether it’s boosting your engagement or finding an avenue that can reach your target market, Snapchat influencer marketing can be a great avenue to help businesses reach a youth market.

About Snapchat history?

The Snapchat history is not too old. It was first started by Daniel Smith, David Kravitz, Bobby Murphy, and Evan Spiegel in 2011 at Stanford University. The group created the app for private, person-to-person photo sharing, but the foundational ideas have since developed into a social catalyst for young people everywhere.

The popularity of this app took off almost immediately as it gives users a chance to keep in touch with friends, send embarrassing photos without repercussions, and have an efficient way to move photos over a fast and easy medium.

Snapchat gained a lot of momentum, especially for the 13-24 age demographic, who make up 60% of this apps user base. Since 2011, Snapchat has expanded their product offerings by adding the new dynamic “my story,” feature Snapchat groups, and filters.  “My story” allows the snapper to post a photo for all of their friends to see for 24 hours; Snapchat groups allows for photos and videos to be shared effortlessly with a close group of friends; and filters functions as a feature that can be used to promote various events going on in the user’s community.

People who use Snapchat as a form of Snapchat marketing are starting to see a big competitive edge versus conventional platforms like Facebook and Twitter. On Facebook, 85% of people watch videos with the sound off, whereas on Snapchat 60% of all videos are watched with the sound on.

Fourstarzz Media Snapchat Survey Influencer Marketing

In a recent Fourstarzz Media Snapchat survey of college undergraduate students in the United States, 44% of undergraduate students admitted to becoming more aware of a product because of a recommendation or advertisement that they saw on Snapchat. In the same survey 33% of respondents said they would be more likely to watch an advertisement on Snapchat over every other form of social media, a much higher percentage than Facebook 20%, Twitter 24%, and Instagram 20%. A big reason for that is the amount of time the advertisement takes (10 seconds), and the ability to skip.

Snapchat doesn’t force their users to watch a full advertisement, which has pushed companies who run campaigns to come up with interesting and creative content to draw people in. People who watch Snapchat advertisements watch them because they are interested and engaged.  

Getting people to watch your ad is great, but asking questions such as “who is watching?” and “is it reaching people who buy your product?”is what will ensure a competitive and effective edge. Hitting your target market is critical to a successful advertising campaign, and using Snapchat makes accomplishing that goal a breeze.

In a recent study by Consultancy Millward Brown, it found that “88 percent of the users who saw Snapchat ads from a campaign for men’s deodorant fit into the target 13- to 34-year-old demographic” a huge number, but also very normal given that 41% of all 18-34 year olds in the world can be reached through Snapchat. Snapchat boasts on average a 4x higher engagement rate and higher amount of time spent on the app per day (almost 20-30 minutes more per day than instagram) so the potential to see an ad more than once in a day drastically increases.

Fourstarzz Media Snapchat Survey

Source: Fourstarzz Media Snapchat Survey

Snapchat is gaining traction very quickly by establishing an audience the size of Twitter’s own user base in as short as a year. The growth of the app has led to Walmart running a massive ad campaign to highlight their new free, two-day shipping feature.

Additionally, the NBA 2k gaming series recently did a star-driven campaign highlighting cover star Kyrie Irving for their new game. Under Armour has also jumped into the game by using Snapchat advertising campaigns to promote Cam Newton’s new shoe release. All these campaigns have one thing in common, great results and tons of visibility.

The Challenge and Snapchat Influencer Marketing Solution

Some marketers are skeptical about Snapchat marketing, they worry that:

  • Too many people are skipping ads.

  • The user base is too small compared to Instagram and Facebook.

  • Messages disappear from the consumer’s mind after a campaign.

  • Snapchat is just a flash in the pan.

Influencer marketing addresses marketer’s credibility questions regarding Snapchat marketing through its genuine word of mouth approach. Influencer marketing on Snapchat is the publishing of branded content Snapchat influencers, on their own accounts to their trusted audience.

Snapchat influencer marketing boosts genuine engagement, targets a more narrow audience, and reduces the amount of skips that are seen on a typical Snapchat advertisement due to the trust that influencers have with their followers.

Snapchat also boasts a different network of followers than the Facebook and Instagram’s ad networks. The youthful Generation Z isn’t on Facebook, their parents are, and although they are somewhat active on Instagram, Snapchat best fits in with the fast paced lifestyle this generation leads.

Snapchat influencer companies, like Fanbytes, are revolutionizing the way that marketers measure and evaluate Snap advertisements by creating proprietary formulas that calculate open rate, completion rate, screenshots and views into a combined engagement score. On top of that, Snapchat has worked on developing their data and partnered with Oracle data cloud to help eradicate suspicions of murky and unclear metrics.

A misconception about Snapchat marketing is that your content “disappears” after a campaign. That is a very deceiving statement. Companies, like Fourstarzz Media, that support brands in working with Snapchat influencers, allow advertisers to keep the content and repurpose it for use on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so it maintains a presence forever.

One way we put together Influencer campaigns is in a “sandwich” style format to maximize engagement. Fourstarzz Media also offers other promotions via Influencers where they can promote different events, deals with the help of geo-filters or other snap filters.

Here’s an example of sandwich style mentioned above.

Start with a Pre-roll from the influencer to get the audience’s attention: