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Your Step-by-Step Guide to Implement an Influencer PPC Campaign

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Part 4 of 4

he Ultimate Guide to Influencer Marketing for Shopify Merchants

There are four steps to creating an impactful influencer-PPC strategy

1) Define your campaign’s goals.

2) Find and hire the right influencers.

3) Analyze influencers’ content.

4) Create ads.

Define your campaign’s goals

As with any other campaign, you need to ensure that you are clear about your goals and whom you want to target. We have written a great guide, which is called “The Ultimate Guide to Influencer Marketing for Shopify Merchants.”

The guide is for e-commerce businesses, but it includes a lot of useful information on how to plan and execute an influencer campaign, including outreach messages etc.

Find and hire the right influencers

Use a tool like Fourstarzz Unlimited Influencer Discovery to easily find the right influencers for your product. The platform features more than 350,000 influencer profiles, including a lot of micro influencers who can supercharge your PPC campaigns. The filters allow you to find influencers at the city level, and you can compare their audience demographics.

Some influencers will be better than others at creating content that engages their audience when introducing your products or services. Select wisely. If you have a higher priced product, which needs more explanation, it might be wise to pick a YouTuber or blogger because they can review or describe your product in depth. If your product has a lower price point, an Instagramer might be the right fit. Instagramers are great photographers who showcase your product “in action” and create a desire to buy your product.

Once you find the right influencers, make sure that you agree in a contract that you can reuse their content for your PPC campaigns. Be sure to include the different types of content:

- Influencers’ quotes about the product

- 15 second Instastories, in which influencers explain why they like your product

- Pictures, which you can repurpose in your ads

The key to a successful campaign is giving influencers the right instructions and explaining to them what you need. But an important part of effective campaigns is knowing how different influencers add value. Let them make the creative decisions, and allow them to share your message in a way that’s authentic to their personal brand.

Analyze influencers’ content

Once the influencers have generated their content, take a look at its performance. You want to repurpose the pictures, videos, etc. that generated the highest engagement.

If you are using a managed service like Fourstarzz Managed service, you will receive a detailed overview on the performance of the posts. If not, make sure that the influencers send you details from their analytics.

Create ads

Facebook offers different ad formats, but we have seen the best performance from video ads.

Note: You can create Facebook video ads by leveraging the slideshow functionality of Facebook ads. Upload a couple of influencer pictures which showcase your product, and you’ll be ready to go.

Choose your audience and select the relevant influencer content. You can optimize the campaign and content while the PPC campaign is running.


Influencer marketing allows marketers to overcome reach issues. By collaborating with influencers, smart marketers can tap into existing communities and more effectively gain exposure to potential customers. Word-of-mouth marketing has been the most effective marketing tactic in human history, so that’s why influencer marketing is working so well. But it’s important to know that influencer marketing can be even more powerful if it is well integrated into the digital marketing mix. Combining it with PPC is an incredibly effective tactic, as it combines highly engaging content with the targeting options of Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn ads.

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