• Daniel Trösch

How to Email Influencers to Promote Your Product (5 of the Best Ways)

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Influencer marketing has quickly grown to become a widely popular method of marketing. One of the major reasons for this being that the modern shopper interacts with influencers regularly.

In fact, nearly 61% of consumers who were surveyed said that they engaged with influencers daily, while 35% of them said that they interacted with them multiple times a day too. Such interactions can help you promote your brand to consumers.

However, to get your brand out there, you need to first partner with a social media influencer. For that, you need to know how to email influencers to promote your product.


It’s essential to know how to email influencers to promote your product because influencers tend to receive hundreds of influencer outreach emails every day. To cut through the noise, your influencer outreach email needs to catch their attention.

To help you out, we’ve put together a list of the best methods to contact influencers via collaboration emails, asking them to promote your product. These include tips to write the perfect influencer outreach emails and other innovative ways to engage influencers.

Pro Tip: Approach the right influencers who’ve shown interest in your brand first. They are more likely to respond positively to your collaboration opportunity.

How to Email Influencers to Promote Your Product

Let’s take a look at the different ways to email influencers to promote your product.

Here are some tips to help you write perfect influencer outreach emails to your preferred influencers when you launch a new product, asking them to promote it. Influencers love new stuff and might want to partner with you.

1. Use Catchy Email Subject Lines

Email subject lines require that you use your best copywriting skills. They need to be attractive enough to catch the influencer’s attention.


That’s because, without an effective email subject line, you won’t be able to get influencers to read your influencer outreach email, even if it’s well-written.

Additionally, the subject line needs to be short, as many people tend to check emails on smartphones, which have smaller screens. In fact, mobiles account for nearly 42% of all email opens.

Litmus stats

Image via Litmus

That’s why nearly 82% of experts use email subject lines that are shorter than 60 characters. In fact, the average email subject lines have only about 43.85 characters.

Usually, email apps stop displaying the subject lines after 30-40 characters. As a result, short email subject lines might appear completely and may stand out more compared to longer ones.

However, the length isn’t all that matters.

Your email subject line must be catchy too. Emojis are a great way of achieving this. While they may not be suited for all types of emails, they can make your influencer outreach email appear unique. This is because only 6.9% of emails use emojis.

AWeber stats

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Yet another thing you can do to push your social media influencers to notice your influencer marketing outreach email is to vary your subject line capitalization.

About 60% of subject lines examined use sentence-case, and 34% of them use title case. On the other hand, only 6% of email subject lines are all lowercase.

Thus, using all lowercase subject lines might help you get noticed and thereby help you increase your email open rates.

2. Keep the Email Length Short

When you email potential social media influencers to promote your products, you should consider the length of the email as well.


A long email takes more time to read and might test the patience of the influencer. Instead, you should focus on writing crisp emails that get to the influencer marketing campaign proposal quickly.