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How to Email Influencers to Promote Your Product (5 of the Best Ways)

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Influencer marketing has quickly grown to become a widely popular method of marketing. One of the major reasons for this being that the modern shopper interacts with influencers regularly.

In fact, nearly 61% of consumers who were surveyed said that they engaged with influencers daily, while 35% of them said that they interacted with them multiple times a day too. Such interactions can help you promote your brand to consumers.

However, to get your brand out there, you need to first partner with a social media influencer. For that, you need to know how to email influencers to promote your product.


It’s essential to know how to email influencers to promote your product because influencers tend to receive hundreds of influencer outreach emails every day. To cut through the noise, your influencer outreach email needs to catch their attention.

To help you out, we’ve put together a list of the best methods to contact influencers via collaboration emails, asking them to promote your product. These include tips to write the perfect influencer outreach emails and other innovative ways to engage influencers.

Pro Tip: Approach the right influencers who’ve shown interest in your brand first. They are more likely to respond positively to your collaboration opportunity.

How to Email Influencers to Promote Your Product

Let’s take a look at the different ways to email influencers to promote your product.

Here are some tips to help you write perfect influencer outreach emails to your preferred influencers when you launch a new product, asking them to promote it. Influencers love new stuff and might want to partner with you.

1. Use Catchy Email Subject Lines

Email subject lines require that you use your best copywriting skills. They need to be attractive enough to catch the influencer’s attention.


That’s because, without an effective email subject line, you won’t be able to get influencers to read your influencer outreach email, even if it’s well-written.

Additionally, the subject line needs to be short, as many people tend to check emails on smartphones, which have smaller screens. In fact, mobiles account for nearly 42% of all email opens.

Litmus stats

Image via Litmus

That’s why nearly 82% of experts use email subject lines that are shorter than 60 characters. In fact, the average email subject lines have only about 43.85 characters.

Usually, email apps stop displaying the subject lines after 30-40 characters. As a result, short email subject lines might appear completely and may stand out more compared to longer ones.

However, the length isn’t all that matters.

Your email subject line must be catchy too. Emojis are a great way of achieving this. While they may not be suited for all types of emails, they can make your influencer outreach email appear unique. This is because only 6.9% of emails use emojis.

AWeber stats

Image via AWeber

Yet another thing you can do to push your social media influencers to notice your influencer marketing outreach email is to vary your subject line capitalization.

About 60% of subject lines examined use sentence-case, and 34% of them use title case. On the other hand, only 6% of email subject lines are all lowercase.

Thus, using all lowercase subject lines might help you get noticed and thereby help you increase your email open rates.

2. Keep the Email Length Short

When you email potential social media influencers to promote your products, you should consider the length of the email as well.


A long email takes more time to read and might test the patience of the influencer. Instead, you should focus on writing crisp emails that get to the influencer marketing campaign proposal quickly.

On average, marketers write emails that are about 434.48 words long. However, nearly 50.2% of the emails written by marketers are less than 300 words.

marketers write emails

Image via AWeber

Thus, the perfect outreach email should be shorter so that you can highlight your call-to-action (CTA). If you fill the email with too much text content, the CTA might be hard to notice, and the influencer may not take your desired action.

What else?

You must also ensure that your email copy is on point and communicates all the information to the influencer clearly. This can improve your chances of them partnering with you for your influencer marketing campaign and promoting your products.

Now that you know what to keep in mind while writing your outreach emails, let’s take a look at some of the unique ways through which you can get social media influencers to promote your products.

Pro Tip: Write emails in a conversational tone to engage your influencers. Leverage personalization to make your email stand out from other template emails that influencers receive.

3. Write Engaging Email Content

While the email subject line should prompt the influencers to open your email, the content of the email should nudge them to respond to you or take your desired action. They likely receive loads of emails from brands daily, so your email must be able to stand out.

This is where the content of your email comes into the picture. It must be short and to the point.

However, you don’t want to sound desperate to get them on board for your influencer marketing campaign. Doing so might make them feel like they’re being used as sources of engagement and sales and might push them away.

So, what should you do?

Instead, you should use your emails to build a rapport with them. Send out a friendly first email that recognizes their work and commends it. Mention some content created by them that resonated well with you.

You should use the first email as an opportunity to introduce your brand as well. Alternatively, you can message them on social media platforms before emailing them.

Here’s an email template you can use:

Hi [name],

My name is [your name] from [company name]. I've been following your [social media channel/blog] since [year/month].

I’m in awe of your approach towards [something they care about]. Your recent blog post about [post topic] really caught my attention and resonated with me.

I’m reaching out to you because we have a product that’ll appeal to your followers. [Product name] is one of the finest [category of the product] in the market, and I’d love it if you would be willing to test and review it.

I’d love to send across a sample for you along with five others that you can gift your followers as well.

If you're interested, we can set up a phone call this week to discuss starting a collaboration.


[your name]

Once they respond to your first email, you can send out a second email with the pitch for an influencer marketing collaboration. Once they agree to hear you out, you can send a third email with a campaign brief to help them understand your campaign in detail.

If you don’t hear back from the influencers after the first time, you can send follow-up email as well.

Tip: Combine email and direct messages (for example direct message on the Instagram account). Send your email first, then ask in the direct message, whether they have received your email. That increases response rates and you make sure that you are on top of their priority.

4. Talk About the Compensation

Influencers expect compensation and it’s an important part of social media marketing campaigns. If you don’t offer the influencers enough compensation in exchange for their services, they may not be motivated enough to partner with you.

So, when you approach influencers, make sure you mention the compensation in your emails.

Your email to the influencers must clearly outline what they’ll get out of the collaboration. If nothing else, the email will help you check whether the influencer wants monetary compensation or some other form of payment.

Even if you don’t want to provide monetary compensation and want to offer them a free product or something else, you should mention what you’re offering in return for their efforts.

Here’s an influencer outreach email template that mentions what the influencer will get in return for promoting your products.

Hi [name],

I’m [your name] from [company name].

I recently came across your post about [post topic], and I loved your take on it.

We have numerous [name of niche (beauty, travel, etc.)] products that might interest you and your followers. And I wanted to check with you if you’d be open to working with us on an affiliate basis.

For every successful sale, we offer a flat [percentage]% commission. To make the offer sweeter for your followers, we’ll provide a personalized 20% discount coupon as well.

I’d love to send across a sample of each product if you’d like to get started.

If you're interested, we can set up a phone call this week to discuss the collaboration that would provide value to brands.


[your name]

5. Personalize the Email

The last thing that you need to remember when you approach potential influencers to promote your products is that your email should be personalized. Sending out mass emails to many influencers at once is a big no-no, and you must avoid it at all costs.

Personalized subject lines with the name of the receiver can increase your email open rates by 2%. However, if the content of the email is written in a personalized manner, the chances of the influencers responding positively to it increase.

So, how can you personalize your emails?

For personalization, you can go through the influencer’s profiles and try to understand their likes, dislikes, etc. Based on that, craft your email so that everything in it is completely relevant to them.

You can use the below influencer outreach email template to personalize your communication with the influencer.

Hi [name],

I’m [your name] from [company name].

I’ve been following your [social media account/blog] since over [years/months] now, and you’ve scaled up quickly. Kudos for that!

I really admire the work you’re doing for the [elaborate on a cause they support and talk about their work].

Our brand believes in [their cause] too, and that’s why we strive hard to [uphold the cause (e.g. 100% animal cruelty-free products)].

I believe your followers will love our [product/service] and was wondering if you’d like to partner with us.

I’d love to send across a sample of our product for you to test and review.

If you're interested, we can set up a phone call this week to discuss the collaboration that would bring value to brands.


[your name]

Now that you know how to email influencers to promote your products, let’s take a look at how you can find them.

How Can You Find Influencers?

Before you can email influencers to promote your products, you need to find the right influencers.

Why is that important?

To make sure that you don’t fall victim to influencer fraud. You might end up wasting your influencer marketing budget if the influencer’s followers are fake accounts.

And the number of fake accounts on Instagram has grown to 150 million. That’s why it’s important to ensure that your influencer doesn’t use dubious tactics.

To find reliable influencers, you can leverage our influencer marketing platform, Fourstarzz Media. You can discover genuine influencers for your brand from our pool of over 750K influencers using multiple filters like location, niche, reach, and more. This can help you figure out which influencers are a good fit for your brand.

Fourstarzz Media

Image via Fourstarzz Media

And the best part?

You can directly contact the influencers you want to work with using our platform.

Final Thoughts

Without knowing how to email influencers to promote your products, it can be difficult to get their attention. This is because influencers tend to get loads of emails from brands about partnerships and if you don’t stand out, they may ignore you.

But how can you stand out?

You need to come up with attractive subject lines and write stellar email copy. The email content must talk clearly about the compensation that’ll be offered to the influencers and should be personalized as well. This can help in improving the chances of them responding to you.

Are there other ways through which you email influencers to promote your products? Please share your insights and tips in the comments.

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