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How to Increase Conversions through Influencer Marketing

One of the key elements for any successful marketing campaign is conversions.

Are you able to attract and convince new clients to buy your products with your current marketing tactics or are you looking for additional ways to improve conversions?

Word- of mouth marketing has always been one of the most important drivers for conversions.


Because it all comes down to trust.

Influencer marketing can be considered as the best channel to leverage the power of word-of-mouth at scale in the digital world.

But why should influencers help to increase conversions?

Social Media influencers have built a trusted community. Followers trust their expert opinions - independent of whether it is a celebrity, a blogger or YouTuber, or a nano influencer posting on Instagram.

The followers respect the opinion and even admire these influencers - that’s the reason they follow and listen to them.

Guess what happens if this influencer talks positively about or posts about a product? Correct - you are more likely to take action to check these products out.

That’s why influencer marketing is a great way to increase top-funnel awareness, drive potential customers through the different stages of the sales funnel, and finally lead to more conversions.

How can this be done in practice?

In this blog post, we’ll have a detailed look at how you can boost conversions through influencer marketing.

How to Get More Conversions with Influencer Marketing

Getting more leads and driving conversions with influencer marketing is the goal of many marketers. At Fourstarzz Media we help our clients to achieve these goals. Check out our top tips on how you can build a successful influencer marketing campaign.

1. Built your influencer persona

The first step of any successful influencer marketing campaign is discovering the right influencers.

Sounds easy, right?

But what does right influencer mean?

The right influencer talks already to an audience that would buy your products.

We strongly suggest building an influencer persona based on the data you have available. You can check google analytics or your social media analytics to understand who is visiting your website and who is converting the best.

The data you might want to use is:

  • Location of your customers: Based on the location you can search for influencers who are based in that location and who have followers in that location.

  • Gender of your customers: Do you sell rather to female or male customers? That obviously defines whether you want to work with a male or a female influencer and what their audience should be. But as well gender has an impact on the choice of the social channels. For example, if you want to reach a pre-dominant male audience, try to work with influencers who are active on youtube or twitch (gaming, tech reviews, videos etc.).

  • Age of the customers: You can reach potential customers from different age groups on different social media platforms. Younger audiences are more active on TikTok, Snapchat, Youtube. Older audiences are more likely to be active on Facebook, Pinterest, Blogs etc.

Once you have defined gender, location, and age, you need to define a couple of more things to get your influencer persona:

  • Microinfluencer - or Macro Influencers: Do you want to have a bigger reach in one community or do you want to diversify? Regional or national reach?

  • Typical content: what content do you want the influencers to produce? If you are looking for video content, check out youtube. If you want to have written reviews, check out bloggers etc. You get my point.

  • Hashtags: What are some hashtags that are regularly used by influencers and are those aligned with the audience you want to reach?

Once you have defined this information, you can start discovering influencers.

2. Discover The Right Influencers

Discovering the right influencers is probably the most time-consuming part of the process. But with a well-prepared influencer persona, you are off to a great start.

If you are using the Fourstarzz Influencer Marketing Platform, then you can go ahead and enter all the information in the search engine.

Tipp: Start by using our advanced search to search for influencers using the hashtags. Then finetune the search by applying the audience, age, and location filters. Sort by reach or engagement rate. Add the best once to your campaign sheet.

If you are looking manually, we’d advise starting by a hashtag search and then work your way forward.

Once you identify the influencers, it’s a good idea to invest time in vetting influencers before you agree to anything with them. Check out our guide on how to evaluate influencers.

So far you have been looking for influencers that align with your audience. Now you need to identify influencers in your niche, that will drive conversions as well.

Therefore, if you want to boost conversions, look for influencers that have a high engagement rate.

How to calculate the engagement rate?

Sum up the comments, likes, and shares of each post and divide it by the number of followers.

Fourstarzz Media offers all the data you need for the vetting process - reach, engagement rate, brand affiliates, fake follower checks. All in an easily comparable way and for only $59 a month. Check it out here.

3. How to drive conversions through influencer generated product reviews?

Always keep in mind, that a potential customer needs to be taken through a sales funnel before they convert.

Source: Fourstarzz Media Influencer Marketing Toolbox

First, the potential customer needs to be aware of your product. Influencers can create that awareness in a very authentic way.

But other ad formats can do that as well. What makes influencer marketing so special?

The key for any sales is to explain a product to the potential customer in a way that the benefits are so clear, that there is a need to buy. Your audience needs to understand your product.

In this decision phase educational content is the name of the game. Brands have to explain their products with pictures, texts, and videos.

However, in times where 92% of consumers trust recommendations of others over branded content, influencer marketing comes in handy.

Influencers are content creators.

That’s what they do all the time: Create content that converts followers to longtime community members. And therefore they can help you to create great content, and tell your brand’s story authentically in their own words.

They understand their audience and know exactly what it takes to get the attention of their followers. Influencers can create engaging tutorials, creative visual content, or guides to explain

  • How to use a product

  • Why your product is needed

  • Why your product is better than those of your competitors

For instance, we asked beauty influencers to test and review Eucerin’s skincare products. In blog posts and instagram videos, they explained the products and their effects after having tested them themselves.

Source: Fourstarzz Media

4. How to incentivize potential customers to take action?

Continue to think about the sales funnel.

You have created awareness by tapping into the influencer’s community. The influencer has created authentic content and educated their followers.

But how do you get them to convert?

The next step is to motivate them to make a purchase.

A great way of doing so is to provide them with discount codes. That can help you move them further into the sales funnel.

But how can discount codes be incorporated into an influencer marketing campaign?

Let’s check an example from one of our former campaigns.

Groupon partnered with local influencers in Houston to increase awareness for the new Groupon Beauty Now app.

Source: Instagram

Meg introduced her followers with a series of social media posts to the new app and provided as well a personalized discount code. Her followers could use this code on the Groupon checkout page to get an additional 15 $ discount.

5. Feature Influencer Testimonials

An important part to drive conversions is having social proof.

Therefore, showcase your influencer collaborations on your website and social media pages. Re-use content like quotes and pictures and highlight prominently, that others are talking about you.

You can optimize this process, by asking your influencers for testimonials at the end of the campaign. As they have reviewed your products, they are willing to make a statement.

You can take it a step further to create customized landing pages for each of the influencers.

For example, we worked with local influencers in Philadelphia to educate their audience about the advantages of being a member of a credit union. After the influencers have been talking to a money expert, they created blog posts and reviews on social media.

Each of them provided one quote, that was featured on a customized landing page.

Are you Ready to Increase Conversions?

If you want to boost your conversions, leveraging influencer marketing is your best bet. We have seen it in many campaigns - it can take your conversion game to the next level.

Start by defining your influencer persona. Then discover and vet them. Think through the stages of the sales funnel and leverage the authentic and high engaging content of the influencers to guide your potential customers through the stages.

Make sure to re-use influencer generated content to boost the social proof of your pages and social media channels to get the most out of your influencer marketing strategy.

Have you used influencer marketing to drive conversions?

Tell us about your experience in the comments section.

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