How to Request an Influencer Campaign Proposal From Fourstarzz

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Did you know you can request an influencer marketing campaign proposal from Fourstarzz Media?

Influencer Marketing Campaign Request for Proposal Made Simple

Influencer Marketing Campaign

The users of Fourstarzz Influencer Discovery can explore the REQUEST A PROPOSAL option. Once you have signed into the Fourstarzz dashboard, click the CREATE CAMPAIGN button in the top right corner.  When you click the button, you can see that you have 3 options:  Build Your Own, Campaign Designer, or Request Proposal.  Today we will be talking about the 3rd option, REQUEST PROPOSAL.  


Diving into the REQUEST PROPOSAL option, let’s first answer this question:  

What is a influencer marketing campaign proposal and why would you want to initiate one?  

Let’s say you are responsible for your company’s marketing.  You know your brand would benefit from influencer marketing, but you just don’t have the time to research or even select influencers to market your brand; you want an influencer marketing agency that will do all the leg work for you.  

That is where Fourstarzz Media can be your greatest asset.

It’s easy to initiate an influencer marketing campaign proposal from Fourstarzz.

Click the REQUEST PROPOSAL button.

Then click the start button.



Enter the name of your campaign under CAMPAIGN NAME.  

Next, provide the Fourstarzz team with any direction on creative concepts, themes, and talking points.

In the next section, you can describe the product or service you want to promote with social media influencers.  

Enter the web address where your products or services can be found.  

Pick the relevant social media channels for your campaign. Fourstarzz will also advise you on any channels you are missing that might be optimal for your demographic, so if you are not sure which social sites would be best for your brand, just click the not defined yet box.

Next, select your most important Influencer Marketing Campaign Success Metric.

Basically, what do you want to result from this campaign?  

  • Is your goal to reach as many people as possible for brand awareness?  

  • Would you like to measure success by how many views your posts receive?  

  • Are how many clicks your posts get most important to you or is your goal acquisition?

  • Do you want to measure your campaign success by engagement?  

Select the verticals or categories your campaign fits into.  

Select the language you want your content to be written in.  

Now that we have filled out information on your campaign, next we are going to add information about your audience.

Fill out the information on your desired audience.

  • Use the drop down menu to select the gender you want your campaign to focus on.  

  • Select the age group of your demographic.  

  • Enter your target audience’s location.  

  • Select your audience’s household income range.  

  • Select their highest educational level.

  • Select your ideal customer’s marital status.  

  • Finally, enter any other specifications you feel necessary.  

  • Next, you will fill out your business  and contact information.

Click the NEXT button.

  • Enter your campaign budget.  

  • Enter the earliest date you would like your campaign to start.  

  • Enter your company’s name.  

  • Use the drop down menu to select your type of business.  Are you a BRAND or AGENCY?

  • Finally, enter your email address.

Lastly, click the SEND REQUEST button.

And you’re done!  Fourstarzz will get back to you within 48 hours with a customized influencer marketing campaign proposal.

We have explored how to request an influencer marketing campaign proposal from Fourstarzz Media.  I hope this tutorial has been helpful to your understanding of the influencer marketing campaign proposal process.

If you have any other questions you can always reach out to Fourstarzz at