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How to stand out with micro-influencer marketing during the holiday season?

Many brands use that tactic already. But how can you leverage micro-influencer marketing during the upcoming holiday season?

We have put together some thoughts.

During the holiday season, consumers are berated by non-stop ads from nearly every brand on the planet.

From the Black Friday promotions to the endless jingles and sentimental commercials, the holiday marketing space is crowded, to say the least.

Brands do anything in their power to set themselves apart during this cheerful season, but this can often be incredibly difficult to do. So the question arises:

How can your brand be memorable in the crowded landscape of holiday ads?

Your brand can leverage influencers' existing network of engaged audiences to reach a wide variety of customers in a highly effective and cost-efficient manner.

Influencers have built out a following on their social profiles by creating high-quality content. Brands can make use of influencers' superlative content and spirited following to create an authentic brand story during this most festive time of year.

The Arbor Day Foundation worked with influencers from the sustainable lifestyle space to create awareness for their Christmas Cards. For each card that is bought, Arbor Day is planting trees.

Ad Overload

Advertising is all about getting your message to the right consumers at the right time.

With traditional marketing efforts, the aim is to put your message in front of potential customers as often as possible in hopes of conversion.

The problem is that these exposures can be costly, especially during the holidays. Often advertisers are concerned about not having enough exposure than too much.

Digital marketing has completely shifted the paradigm making a high reach, exposure, and frequency very cost-efficient. The practical nature of digital marketing has led to a besieging of never-ending advertisements on consumers' inboxes and timelines.

Constant messaging during the holidays will keep a brand in front of a consumer, but will it keep it at the front of their minds?

Building Trust

With the immensely muddied advertising waters during the holidays, making your brand stand out is no simple task.

Influencer marketing allows you to spread your advertising dollars even further because consumers trust influencers. Influencer marketing focuses on high-quality content and relationship building rather than quantity of exposures.

Consumers trust influencers like close friends, from the decisions they make to the brands and products that they prefer. Influencers have built an incredibly engaged audience from the ground up.

They understand who their followers are, and their followers understand them. This relationship allows the influencer to make meaningful products and brand suggestions.

Brands can re-use the content created by the influencers on their own channels. Calvin Klein leveraged content created by influencers on their own social channel, supporting their brand story in an authentic way.

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Selecting the right Influencer

Content is King. Meaningful videos, photos, and stories create lasting impressions in the minds of consumers.

During the holidays having superior content is one of the single most important factors to set your brand apart from competitors.

Everyone will be putting out content, and a lot of it. The key here is to make y