• Daniel Trösch

How to Increase Brand Awareness Through Influencer Marketing

Creating and growing brand awareness is the first step of the sales funnel. Without it, you can’t expect to get new leads and conversions. That’s why it’s one of the most critical steps as well.

There are numerous ways in which digital marketing can grow your brand awareness, but none can come close to influencer marketing.

This is perhaps the reason why 65% of marketers judge the success of an influencer marketing campaign by measuring the brand awareness generated through it.

Additionally, nearly 84% of marketers surveyed believe that influencer marketing is effective. It’s due to such benefits that its popularity has grown, and 93% of marketers say that they use it.

But while it has become popular, influencer marketing has faced some serious backlash too.


Events such as the Fyre Festival and the Diclegis influencer marketing campaign have led to people questioning its authenticity. However, it continues to grow and is expected to grow at 32.4% CAGR for the next four years.

But that’s not to say that it hasn’t changed. Brands have started moving towards nano- and micro-influencers due to their lower fees and higher engagement rates.

Additionally, these influencers are more relatable for their followers as well, and this makes them great for collaboration.

So, how can you grow your brand awareness through influencer marketing? Let’s find out.

Pro Tip: Analyze an influencer’s audience thoroughly to understand if it matches that of your target audience else the partnership may not be beneficial.

How Can You Increase Brand Awareness Through Influencer Marketing?

Here’s how you can use influencer marketing to increase your brand awareness on social media.

1. Find and Partner with Influencers

To give your brand awareness a boost, you need to find the right influencers and reach out to them for partnership.

While there are a variety of social media influencers you can collaborate with, macro-influencers can charge huge fees for a collaboration. That’s why many small brands and startups rely on micro- and nano-influencers.

What’s more?

These influencers have smaller audiences, and that gives them enough time to engage with their followers on a personal level. This leads to an increased engagement rate.

Additionally, their followers can relate to them better as they don’t have extravagant lives. And relatability is two times more important than popularity as a quality that gets people to follow influencers.

Lastly, due to their smaller following, the audience of micro- and nano-influencers will be highly specific too.

However, it’s essential to find the right micro- and nano-influencers for your influencer marketing campaign. This is because there are many influencers out there who have fake followers.

To find genuine influencers, you can use Fourstarzz Media. Using our tool, you can look for influencers based on their reach, engagement rates, niche, audience interests, and more.

You can also leverage our advanced search feature to find influencers using hashtags, influencer handles, and more.

Image via Fourstarzz Media

Arbor Day Coffee, for instance, wanted to grow their brand awareness. For this, they partnered with ten social media influencers and sent them a welcome package with various types of coffee.

Image via Instagram

The influencers posted about these packages on social media platforms and added coupon codes to incentivize their followers to purchase them as well. The campaign reached over 1.39 million people.

2. Leverage Contests or Giveaways

Yet another way to increase your brand awareness and reach new audiences is by hosting a contest or giveaway with social media influencers.

You can ask influencers to feature your product or brand in the awareness campaign by sending out samples to them. Through these posts, they can talk about the contest or the giveaway. These posts tend to get lots of engagement as everyone wants to try their luck.

But, what’s the catch?

To ensure that your influencer marketing campaign gets enough traction, the prize must be valuable enough to the influencer’s social media followers. Only then will they be interested in registering for it.

Through this type of social media marketing campaign, you can ask them to follow your social media account to register or send them to your website and get them to fill out a form. This can help you generate leads and build your social media following.

For instance, Jed North partnered with influencers like McKenna Wood to increase brand awareness among their target audience by means of a contest. This post