Influencer Marketing Through Gen Z Eyes

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

By Bailey Herrera

Bailey Herrera and her friends
Bailey Herrera and her friends

Business Marketing has been focused on Millenials for the past decade but there is a new generation hot on their tracks. We are Generation Z. We are the new group of young adults who are influencing a dramatic shift in the marketing world.

Gen Z: The Digital Generation

Being born in 2001, I identify as a Gen Zer. I have the luxury of looking up all my information on the internet, I don’t need to go to the grocery store because my postmate is 15 minutes away, and yes, I do feel the need to tell my Snapchat followers that I had Chipotle today. While all this is great, what I think sets my generation apart from others is the influence that social media has on our lives.

We are the first generation to live our lives in a completely digital world. All I have ever known is the internet, computers, and smartphones. Technology is second nature to me and my peers, even my little cousin knew how to work snapchat by the time she was 2. According to a study done by the Pew Research Center, 45 percent of my generation say that they are ‘almost constantly’ online. About to take over as the largest generation, we make up about 32 percent of the population. Not only that but we also hold the power from an economic standpoint. We influence the most in family spending and individual purchasing. With all this information it’s obvious that we are the world’s prime consumers.

Marketing to Gen Z

So how do brands advertise to their large, new group of consumers? You do it in the way we know best; on social media through influencers. Influencers are like social media celebrities. They have this sort of realness and obtainability that normal celebrities just don’t have. While we love stars like Drake and Shawn Mendes (sometimes even more than the air we breath), we know that we are on a completely different level than they are. So when Beyonce posts about this new brand of coffee, it’s not going to affect us as much as it would if style icon, American YouTuber, Emma Chamberlain were to post about it.

Influencers are more like your really popular best friend, the cool girl that everyone wants to be like. We emulate them as best we can and this is what sparks trends within our generation. Social media allows us to have what seems like a real connection with influencers. They post almost everything about their lives on the internet and we are there every day on our phones watching but most importantly supporting our favs.

This connection enables trust between influencers and their audiences. Most influencers won’t even post about a brand they don’t like. When an influencer supports a brand, we do too. It’s as simple as that.

How Does Influencer Marketing Work?

For influencer marketing to flourish, brands have to know which group they want to target and who best suits the kind of message they want to send. There is such a wide variety of influencers and audiences that it makes this part super easy. If you’re a makeup brand for young adults, you’re gonna want a beauty guru whose audience is between the ages of 15-25. The hard part is selecting an influencer.

This is where companies, like Fourstarzz Media, come in handy. With the Unlimited Influencer Platform, you can access a database of more than 500k profiles for all types of categories or interests.

As a generation, we may be tech-dependent and check our social media accounts a million times a day, but our young minds allow for new ways of innovation. We are all future influencers with the power to impact the world like never before. The marketing techniques of the past are long gone and it is time for a new, authentic advertising world.