Inside Influence: A Day In The Life Of Laura Baross

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Name: Laura Baross

Social Handles: @laubaross


Category: Design, Lifestyle. EcoCreative on a mission to No Waste.

Introducing Laura Baross

Ever wondered what it’s like to be an influencer who uses their platform to do good? The ins and outs, the day to day, what makes them so passionate about their causes? Well, we have the answers! We sat down with Laura Baross, creator of, a blog dedicated to helping others achieve a “zero-waste” way of life.

Q: What is the main purpose of your blog?

A: It’s basically a platform I created to help educate my friends and readers about the environmentally friendly options that are out there. It’s also a good place to document my own experience of a journey to more conscious and green living.

Q: Can you explain your step by step process of creating and publishing sponsored content?

A: It depends on the client and whether they would prefer a blog or an Instagram post. When I’m creating a blog post I’ll provide a stream of photos that relate to one specific topic. I usually take the product shots myself or I work with my team of photographers. We share photos for the exchange of a picture credit or an IG shootout. When it comes to Instagram, I find it very important to have a nice grid layout. It’s the first thing people see when they open up your profile. Once the photos are shot, I do all the editing myself to have a consistent look throughout my feed. I’m using Photoshop or apps on my phones such as VSCO or Snapdseed. I really enjoy this part.

Another way to promote on Instagram is via stories, where I create a short video with a message that I want to share. I only work with companies that I believe in. That makes my job a lot easier as I’m basically sharing the great work they put in their products and services.

Q: What is your personal favorite part of being an influencer?

A: It’s just really nice to be able to share my ideas with someone who’s going through the same thoughts as me and help them grow faster without having to spend so much time researching. I think it’s really important to have more influencers on social media platforms who are promoting something good. Something that is beneficial for society, the environment, and the earth. We don’t really have more planets in stock — so for me being an influencer is doing good.

Q: Has being an influencer impacted the way you get your message across?

A: Definitely. I was never really into social media, I prefer real life. When I first started using Instagram, my account was more personal; for a few friends. Once it started to take off, I realized that people were mostly following me for my appearance and my looks. I never considered myself a fashion or beauty blogger. It was all out there but it was just a shell and I was missing the deeper meaning behind my posts. As I started going through the process of minimizing my life and looking for options that are more environmentally friendly, I became a conscious consumer myself. The second I started living the way that was aligned with my beliefs, my whole message on Instagram changed. It also felt good to post and share posts with a message.

Q: What is your personal favorite social media platform and why?

A: I would say Instagram. It’s definitely the best platform that shows your creative work. Coming from an artsy background I see it as a portfolio page. One page, that opens up a gallery of your images. It’s easy to get a feeling of someone’s vibe and taste in just a few seconds while swiping through one’s profile.

Q: What inspired you to spread the word about zero waste living?

A: It all started when I moved to New York from Europe. I saw all of the unnecessary plastic packings in the stores, trashy mentality and waste on the streets. In that second, I started re-thinking my own habits and waste management. The more I got involved the more amazing people, brands and organizations I came across that share values that I believe in. I know people from the eco-friendly world and I have good relationships and with brands such as Bureo and worked with Packagefree Shop founded by zero waste warrior Lauren Singer.

Q: Anything else you want to add?

A: I just want to practice what I preach. The second you realize there’s a way to do things better, you don’t want to take steps back. You just want to keep the momentum and push forward.

Interested in learning more about Laura and her blog or just have questions that we didn’t answer? You can find her here or check her out on Instagram.