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Top 15 Fashion Influencers & Hashtags

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

By Bailey Herrera

With Instagram being a visual-focused app it is no surprise that fashion influencers are some of the most successful on the platform. Thousands check-in every day to see the OOTD’s (outfit of the day) of their favorite influencers. Along with their Instagram’s, many influencers also have a website, blog, or youtube channel where they share their favorite trends and style advice. Their posts often accompanied by trending hashtags from within the Instagram fashion world. Here are Fourstarzz’s top 15 fashion influencers and hashtags that you’ll find on the platform.

Macro Fashion Influencers

A macro fashion influencer has more than 100k followers.

Nichole Ciotti

Co-founder of Storyluxe, an app for Instagram filter templates, Nichole Ciotti uses Instagram to share her life and personal style with her 655k followers. Along with her app and Instagram, she also runs a website that features blog posts about her favorite outfits and even a link to where followers can shop her favorite looks.

Nichole has worked with brands like Ralph Lauren, Old Navy, and Abercrombie.

Emily Gemma

Emily Gemma initially started her blog to share her life with her family and never imagined she’d be such a successful fashion Instagram influencer and blogger. Growing up in a small town in Arkansas, Emily didn’t have access to malls or quality shopping nearby. She is now proud to be able to share her interests in fashion and beauty with her 630k followers.

Emily has worked with brands like Bloomingdales, Banana Republic, and Forever 21.

Jean Wang

Jean Wang, a successful fashion influencer on Instagram and blogger, lives in Boston with her college sweetheart and adorable daughter. Jean started her blog ‘Extra Petite’ to help all women feel confident in their workplace using fashion and style. This passion stemmed from her struggle to make her under 5-foot tall self look mature in her business attire. Her Instagram is aesthetically pleasing, using bright colors to portray her love of fashion and her family.

Jean has worked with brands like eBay, Express, and Nordstrom.

Emily Herren

Emily, a recent college graduate, is a fashion and lifestyle blogger from Austin, TX. She started her blog to have an outlet where she could share her love of fashion with the world. She says, "Champagne and Chanel is a place for me to be 100%  myself and to celebrate what fashion can do for you and me!"

Emily has worked with brands like Nordstrom, Walmart, and Fruit Love.

Kendall Kremer

Living in New York City (a child life specialist by day) Kendall Kremer is a wife, mother and dog mom who successfully runs her fashion Instagram and blog. Her 338k followers know her for her style, travel, and lifestyle ideas. From her Instagram you can see she favors a lot of neutral colors, sporting her favorite browns just in time for the fall season.

Kendall has worked with brands like Brahmin Handbags, Walmart, and Nordstrom.

Micro Fashion influencers

A micro fashion influencer has between 10k and 100k followers.


Jamie’s style pairs investment pieces with affordable, trendy buys in an effort to not only make her content interesting but also to make it useful to her 77.8k followers' wardrobe. Her Instagram and website also features lifestyle as she shares her life with her followers. From her blog ‘Speaking of Style’, followers can shop her Instagram along with her favorite home and beauty items.

Jamie has worked with brands like Amazon, Felina Intimates, and Daniel Wellington.

Stephanie Jackson

Getting her start in college, Stephanie is a content creator/blogger as well as a wife and mom. Stephanie lives in Dallas, TX where she works to create attainable fashion because “we all deserve to be beautiful”. On her Instagram and blog, she shares her love for fashion, beauty, and family.

Stephanie has worked with brands like Nordstrom, Walmart, and DSW.

Erica Louie

Erica Louie works hard to “empower women to dress with confidence and ease at work and in their personal lives” through her Instagram, blog, and youtube channel. Erica’s style is best described as basics blended with trendy items and she shares this with her 57k Instagram followers. In addition to fashion, she also shares beauty reviews, lifestyle tips, home decor, and shopping guides.

Erica has worked with brands like Forever 21, Express, and Ann Taylor.

Brianna Knopf

A freelance graphic designer and content creator, Brianna Knopf loves working with brands to assist with their advertising campaigns and brand development. Right out of college she began to run her own business, combining her creative side with her passion for fashion and design. She shares these passions with her 47.1k followers through her Instagram and website.

Brianna has worked with brands like Kenneth Cole, Princess Polly, and Toby Heart Ginger.

Kelly Towart

Kelly is a mommy/fashion blogger who also works as a part-time counselor. Kelly uses her Instagram and blog to share her passions of fashion, travel, family, faith, and service. Through traveling, Kelly developed a passion for helping others, 51% of the money made on her blog goes to supporting needs overseas.

Kelly has worked with brands like Myprotein, Brook and York, and Crystal Mall.

Nano Fashion Influencers

A nano fashion influencer has between 1k and 10k followers.

Alex Goldsmith

Alex is a fashion and travel blogger who focuses on the eco-conscious lifestyle and sustainability. Alex seeks to share positivity about sustainable fashion and vintage clothing. She currently resides in New York City where she runs her blog and Instagram.

Alex has worked with brands like Pact, BIDA, and KINRADEN.

Cait Shaneen

Cait Shaneen is a style blogger from Chicago, IL. Cait entered the retail world immediately after graduating from the University of Iowa and eventually made blogging her full-time job. Cait shares her love of fashion, life, and favorite products with her almost 9k followers through her Instagram and blog.

Cait has worked with brands like Lululemon, Target, and Nordstrom.


Shawna, “shawnastyles” is a New York City fashion blogger and YouTuber. Shawna has a style that is both classy and trendy. Shawna shares her love of fashion and vibrant New York City life with her almost 10k followers through her Instagram and YouTube channel.

Shawna has worked with brands like STRONGER and Daniel Wellington.

Naz Meknat

Naz Meknat is a successful fashion stylist from Los Angeles who has worked with many celebrities and has had many accomplishments within the fashion industry. In 2014, she was recognized in People Magazine for her beauty and style. She currently works with celebrities, non-celebrities, editorials, promotional photoshoots, music videos, and ad campaigns.

Naz has worked with brands like Madewell, Guess!, and BLEUSALT.

Arielle Winfield

Arielle is a fashion influencer and lifestyle influencer who runs an Instagram and blog. Arielle loves people and her goal is to help fashion lovers find their own personal style. Arielle also has interests in beauty and travel, both of which are featured on her blog. 

Arielle has worked with brands like JORD Watches, SOREL, and Neutrogena

Top Fashion Hashtags

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