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Top 15 Fitness & Sport Influencers & Hashtags

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

By Bailey Herrera

Fitness & sport influencers are some of the most motivational people on the internet. Nothing gets a person more motivated to get off the couch and be active than someone who is actively excelling at it. Fitness & sport influencers are a great investment for fitness, health, and nutrition brands. Through fitness & sport influencers brands have access to those actively seeking a healthy lifestyle and the products that will help them obtain it. Here a the top 15 fitness & sport influencers & hashtags your business will find on the Fourstarzz platform.

Macro Fitness & Sport Influencers

A macro influencer has more than 100k followers.


Courtney is a health, wellness, and fitness influencer and YouTuber from Chicago, IL. On her Instagram, Courtney frequently posts workout ideas, healthy recipes, and other miscellaneous posts about fitness and her life. Her YouTube channel is similar to her Instagram in that she posts workouts, recipes, etc. to share with her 56k subscribers.


Hailie is a full-time professional stock-car racing driver. At just 18 years old, she currently races for NASCAR in the K&N Pro Series West. Her Instagram is a collection of all things racing and all things Hailie. In addition, she also shares a YouTube channel with her dad and brothers, Deegan38, where they upload videos about racing and motocross.


Sloane is a 26-year-old professional tennis player from New York. Sloane is very active on her Instagram, keeping her 450k followers updated on tennis, workouts, and her daily life. She does a lot of work with a large variety of brands on Instagram. Sloane also has a foundation directed to enhancing the lives of youth through exposure to tennis, education, and community.

Sloane has worked with brands like Mercedes Benz, Estee Lauder, and Built With Chocolate Milk.


Carly is a cheerleader from Frisco, Texas. She began her college cheer career at Oklahoma State University before transferring to Texas Tech University in her junior year. Post-graduation, Carly is now a full-time Instagram influencer and social media manager for the Texas Tech cheer team, according to her Linkedin.

Carly has worked with brands like C4, Auntie Annes, and Dell.


Claire is a full-time fitness influencer from Portland, Oregon. Claire became an influencer after college, once she discovered her passion she quit her job and moved home to pursue it full time. On her Instagram, she posts fitness ideas, challenges, and life updates. Claire also has a website where she has a blog, online store, and fit guides.

Micro Fitness & Sport Influencers

A micro fashion influencer has between 10k and 100k followers


Jason is a certified personal trainer, father, and influencer from Florida. His Instagram is full of various health, fitness, and family pictures. On his website, there is an application to work with Jason along with transformation pictures. Jason was a National Men’s Physique competitor, a bodybuilding.com spokesmodel, and an Iron Man Magazine cover model.

Jason Has worked with brands like Keto Krisp, Peak Yogurt, and Real Salt.


Claire is a marathoner and influencer from Boston, Massachusetts. On her Instagram, claire posts many pictures and updates about her running along with life updates. On top of being a runner, Claire is also an interior designer and artist. She competes in many marathons across the country.

Claire has worked with brands like Brooks Running, Road Id, and IWON Organics.


Solomon is a 17-year-old gymnast and influencer from Woodland, California. Solomon posts pictures and videos of his gymnastics on Instagram, sharing his passion with others. In addition to Instagram, he also has a YouTube channel and a TikTok account. His most popular TikTok has 11.4k likes.

Solomon has worked with brands like Bang Energy


David is a hiker and influencer from Oregon. On his Instagram, David posts stunning pictures of all his hiking adventures. In addition to hiking, he is also a runner, skier, and partakes in various other outdoor activities.

David has worked with brands like: Nike Trail, DrinkDrop ORS, and iHerb


Kelly is a 23-year-old fitness coach and influencer from Columbus, Ohio. On her Instagram, she posts workout ideas, workout outfits, and other personal posts. She also has a YouTube channel where she posts various fitness-related videos. Her website has more details on her app, apparel, and nutrition products.

Kelly has worked with brands like: Bowmar Nutrition, FRE Skincare, and Lululemon.

Nano Fitness & Sport Influencers

A nano influencer has between 1k and 10k followers.


Coach Kristi is a mom, running coach, and influencer from Boston, Massachusetts. On her Instagram, she posts many pictures about her running and fitness endeavors along with various posts about her family. Kristi has competed in many races and competitions herself.

Kristi has worked with brands like Built Bar, IdealFit, and Zeek Kids Bar.


Nate is a fitness entrepreneur and influencer from San Francisco, California. He is the owner of Project 13 Gyms, a gym that focuses on both the physical and mental health of men. Nate’s slogan “Build Better Humans” is apparent in all of his endeavors. Through his website, followers can access his blog and an 8-week BBH training program.

Nate has worked with brands like Lululemon.


Jay and Porscha are a husband & wife team that works to educate people on health and nutrition. Through their website, they offer nutrition and customized fitness programs to help people live a healthy life they desire. Their love and passion for helping others through fitness shines brightly through their Instagram.


Bianca is a mental health therapist, certified personal trainer, and nutrition masters student from New York City. On her Instagram, she posts many nutritional recipes and fitness tips. On her YouTube channel, she “creates videos to inspire others to live a healthier and happier life using the mind, body, and soul.”

Bianca has worked with brands like ISOThrive, Little Life Box, and Mammoth Bar.


Vivi is a personal trainer and fitness enthusiast from South Florida. She has appeared on tv, billboards, and magazines as a fitness model. On her Instagram, she offers many workout ideas and fitness tips. Through her website, potential clients can get in contact with Vivi, as well as read articles about weight loss, muscle gain, and nutrition.

Top Fitness & Sport Hashtags

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