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Top 15 Food & Beverage Influencers & Hashtags

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

By Bailey Herrera

Nothing makes you more hungry than when you see a mouth-watering photo of a delicious meal on your Instagram feed. Because of this, one of the best marketing strategies for food & beverage companies is to work with Instagram influencers. Food & beverage influencers are the best at making you crave the extremely appealing pieces of culinary art that their feeds produce. Aside from pictures, food & beverage influencers also inform their audience on new food trends, products, and recipes. These posts often accompanied by trending food-related hashtags.

Here are Fourstarzz’s top 15 food & beverage influencers and hashtags that you’ll find on the platform.

Macro Food & Beverage Influencers

A macro influencer has more than 100k followers.


Linda, “the pasta ninja”, is a food influencer who specializes in pasta. Her pasta is unique in that it is plant-dyed to make past art. Along with her vibrant pasta, Linda also wrote a book (“Pasta, Pretty Please”), runs a website (Salty Seattle), and has a YouTube Channel. She has been featured in magazines, tv shows, and has made pasta for many big names like Katy Perry and Snooki.

Linda has worked with brands like: Peroni Italia, Fruits & Passion US, and the Food Network


Caitlin is a private chef, food stylist, Instagram influencer, and blogger from Boston, MA. On her Instagram, Caitlin posts fun and healthy recipes to share with her 179k followers. In addition to her Instagram, she also has a blog (Star Infinite), where she uploads her recipes.

Caitlin has worked with brands like MRM Nutrition, Wandering Bear Coffee, and Blendtec.


Rachael, a registered dietitian, and personal trainer is an influencer who loves sharing her tips and tricks for a healthy lifestyle with the world. In addition to her Instagram, Rachael also has a website where she shares her nutrition and fitness tips, along with her favorite recipes. Rachael is also the co-founder of Toast Society CAFE, the first gourmet toast and & wellness bar in Las Vegas.

Rachael has worked with brands like: SmartSweets, Vital Proteins, and Four Sigmatic.


Paige is a food enthusiast, interior designer, influencer, and blogger from Chicago, IL. On her Instagram, Paige posts pictures of her mouth-watering creations for her 122k followers. On her blog, Last Ingredient, she posts recipes for a wide variety of possible meals, snacks, or beverages.

Paige has worked with brands like: Cakebread Cellars, Thomas’ Breakfast, and Charles Smith Wines.


Amy is a wife, mom, ballerina, tennis player, but most importantly a self-taught baker and Instagram influencer. On her Instagram, she posts pictures and time-lapses of her incredible cakes and other baked goods. In addition to her Instagram, Amy also has a YouTube channel where she posts recipes and tutorials of her baking adventures.

Micro Food & Beverage Influencers

A micro fashion influencer has between 10k and 100k followers


Kayla is a food blogger and influencer from New York City, New York. On her Instagram, she posts photos of her original, homemade recipes. These recipes are featured on her blog, The Original Dish, where she also writes about her various creations. Kayla has a real passion for the culinary arts which is very well exemplified through her work.

Kayla has worked with brands like: J. Lohr Vineyards & Wines and Joseph Phelps Vineyards.


Alyssa is a food influencer and YouTuber from San Francisco, California. On her Instagram, she posts pictures of trendy, new foods she is trying and reviews them in the caption. She also has a YouTube channel where she posts various food and travel-related videos. Alyssa posts 2 new videos a week, on her YouTube channel.

Alyssa has worked with brands like: Lobsterdamus.


Kalin is a food influencer and blogger from Chicago, Illinois. Kalin works to help others live a healthy, vegan lifestyle which she started in order to eat healthier years ago. Her Instagram is a collection of photos and recipes of her favorite vegan foods. On her blog, she posts these recipes along with advice for living a vegan lifestyle.

Kalin has worked with brands like: Coconut Bowls, Dr. McDpugall’s Right Foods, and Soom Foods.


Emily is a self-taught baker, entrepreneur, and influencer from Detroit, Michigan. Emily owns her own cookie company, Crumble Catering Co. where she makes custom cookies for her customers. On her Instagram, she posts pictures of the cookies she has made for her clients.


Thuy is an Instagram influencer, YouTuber, and blogger from Los Angeles, California. Thuy uses her various social media channels to preserve Vietnamese culture through food. On her blog and Instagram, she posts pictures and Vietnamese recipes. On her YouTube, she posts videos of these recipes.

Thuy has worked with brands like: Mike’s Mighty Good.

Nano Food & Beverage Influencers

A nano influencer has between 1k and 10k followers.


NYC Drink Guide is an Instagram account of fun drink finds in NYC. The account features pictures of these drinks along with the location of where the drinks were had. NYC Drink Guide does a lot of work with beverage companies.

NYC Drink Guide has worked with brands like: Winc, Mozart, and Bass Note Sangria.


Michael is a food and travel blogger and influencer from San Francisco, California. On his Instagram, Michael posts pictures of his best food finds in the Bay Area and on his travels. On his blog, he writes about various food, travel, and balloon related topics.

Michael has worked with brands like: Samovar and Priest Ranch Wines.


Jackie is a food, travel, and lifestyle influencer, blogger, and YouTuber from Long Island. ‘Jackie Eats’ is her Instagram account where she posts about the food from all of her adventures. She has a separate Instagram, blog, and YouTube channel where she posts the rest of her personal content.

Jackie has worked with brands like: Cavit Wine and Graeter's Ice Cream.


Laura is a food Instagram influencer from Denver, Colorado. Laura posts ‘yummy food finds’ along with her favorite recipes on her Instagram. She is very active on her page and posts at least once a week.

Laura has worked with brands like: Drink Nektar and Barilla Pasta.


Carolyn Cohen is an Instagram influencer and owner of Delicious dish cooking school in Canada. She is an expert in all things food; meal planning, meal prepping, cooking, kitchen set up, etc. She specializes in home cooking and loves to help others live a healthy lifestyle, starting in their own kitchen.

Top Food & Beverage Hashtags

#cleanfood #dinner #foodlover #foodgasm #foodiefeature #foodpic #dessert #eat #tasty #hungry #hangry #yum #eeeeeats #breakfast #lunch #nomnom #foodpics #foodblogger #foodphotography #foodies #forkyeah #homemade #homecook #foodblog #foodgram #healthyfood #chocolate #foods #vscofood #yummy #tastethisnext #foodlover #drinks #cocktails

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