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Top Travel Influencers & Hashtags

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

By Bailey Herrera

Influencer Marketing continues to be a great marketing tactic in 2020. It's a hybrid between content marketing, celebrity endorsements, and word-of-mouth marketing.

Brands can especially benefit from collaborating with travel influencers. Top travel influencers have million subscribers on Instagram and inspire their audience. Traveling more and crossing places off our bucket lists' are things that almost everyone aspires to do in their lifetimes.

Travel Influencers are some of the few people who actually accomplish this mission.

Their stunning pictures of gorgeous places around the world capture our "wanderlusting" hearts. They pull us in to watch their adventures unfold. They pull us into engaging with their content while triggering our own travel or lifestyle dreams.

Some of us consider travel as a hobby. Some need to travel for work. And others have even quit their jobs. They left everything behind to give in to their passion for discovering the beautiful world around us.

Regardless, every travel influencer has the power to reach a wide audience of "adventure-seekers". They leverage their passion to influence others to do the same.

Here are the top 15 travel influencers and hashtags your business will find on the Fourstarzz platform.

Top travel influencers: Macro Travel Influencers

A macro influencer has more than 100k followers.

RENEE instagram


Renee is a travel photographer and blogger from Seattle, Washington. Originally from Australia, Renee grew up with a passion for traveling. One day she decided to change her job and pursue her dream. Formerly being a speech therapist she decided to move to America, becoming a full-time photographer.

In addition to her Instagram, Renee runs her own travel blog ‘Renee Roaming’. She also has written the book “Roaming America” with her husband Matthew.

Renee has worked with brands like Skyscanner, icebreaker, and VisitTheOC

MATT PIERCE instagram


Matt is a travel YouTuber and Influencer from Los Angeles, California.

In 2016, Matt quit his job to become a full-time filmmaker. Since then, he dedicates time to exploring the world.

He is currently living on Maui and making videos.

In 2020, Matt and his wife will travel around the world helping out different non-profits along the way. He is calling it “The Giving Back Tour”.

He will continue to make content for YouTube and Instagram with a focus on giving back.

Matt has worked with brands like: SanDisk, edelkron, and Maui Brewing Co.



Holly is a travel blogger and influencer from Seattle, Washington.

Holly is a very passionate hiker and backpacker, she loves nature and longs to feel connected to the earth. These passions are very apparent on her Instagram and blog.

Her feed is filled with gorgeous, mountainous, photos and pictures from her other travel endeavors. Her blog contains many stories from her hiking and backpacking adventures.

Holly has worked with brands like: Wild Basin, icebreaker, and Backcountry