What is Influencer Marketing and How Can You Get Started?

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

“Influencers” have been around

“Influencers” have been around since Zog discovered fire. “Fire. Good. *Grunt*”

Even before that, cave era Influencers jumped about shouting: rock, edible plant, pointed stick, fur!; anything Zog and the clan could find.

Along with every discovery, more adjectives:

warm, hot, burn! Roasted. Yummy. Soft. *Grunt *.

Words were created, grunts faded. The experienced, advertised the benefits, promoting survival and influencing those around them.

They were the original Social Influencers. Word of mouth advertisers.

Clearly, much has changed since then, but the basis, (and the occasional grunt) remains. Social influencers now spread the word on a multitude of topics, using a vast array of channels. In 140 characters, 6 seconds, a quick photo or video; millions, or, more likely thousands of close, devoted fellows can be informed of the benefits of brands, products, and services.

Social media has become nearly as ingrained in our culture as the four natural elements. It has brought about a significant transformation, blurring the line between consumers, and media. Consumers, now have readily accessible channels to broadcast their own opinions, to their own audience.

And when they express opinions on brands, products and services, others listen. Intently. And, act. Audiences of Social media influencers are more than twice as likely to act on a recommendation of someone they follow than a traditional advertisement.

Many brands are just starting to learn the benefits. Early adapters within consumer products are seeing an average return of $11 dollars, to every $1 dollar spent.

It’s been an incredible epiphany, a rediscovery of an age-old axiom, one of the most successful sales channels: word of mouth advertising, taking place within the social media culture.

But, how do you get started, how do you find, and reach the right individuals?

There are always two ways:

a) do it yourself, or

b) work with a partner, who can support you.

Option a) is valuable, if you have the right resources, time and capability to build up your own strategy. Option b) is valuable, if you do not want to spend time and resources on developing a new capability, but still would love to deliver high-quality service.

With our white-label, full service, we are addressing marketing teams and agencies interested in option b).  

Over the last 4 years, we worked for and with world-class clients like BMW, Mercedes, Groupon, Expedia, Philips or Ameritas to help them tap into the power of influencer marketing.

We learned is, how important it is to understand influencer marketing as a powerful way to personalize your brand and tap into the conversations the influencers have with their communities.

Combining influencer marketing with the existing digital marketing mix has proven to deliver great results.

Independent, whether the client wanted to strengthen the brand, increase awareness for a certain product, support content marketing or strengthen the SEO activities (think of bloggers as a powerful source for backlinks).

We have taken those learnings and developed tools and services to do influencer marketing at scale. We build out a network, which gives us access to more than 350k vetted influencers.

We offer a white-label full service to digital agencies. That means, they can manage their client relations, while we execute the influencer marketing campaign and ensure to deliver an impactful campaign.

Influencers with special interests are gathering, in modern-day caves – known as Platforms, everywhere.

We know where they are, and can help you find them. What’s your burning passion, and how is your “Fire” growing?

Let’s get the clan talking about it.