White-Label Influencer Marketing Agency Services

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

White-Label Influencer Marketing Agency Services

The Digital Marketing Landscape

As a marketing professional, you understand the importance of using popular trends to your advantage. This isn’t just about following fads, but understanding what reaches your audience and how that changes.

This is why every digital agency should consider using an influencer marketing hub. Over the last few years, influencer marketing has become the fastest-growing segment in all of digital marketing. In fact, experts estimate this market to quadruple by the end of 2020.

What Triggered This Change?

Influencer marketing services have become popular because of social media, and how it’s transformed the way brands communicate with consumers. At Fourstarzz Media, we believe that marketing is at its strongest when people talk to people. Social media influencers fall right into place with this ethos. Their presence allows brands to have a perfect in with engaged online communities, where influencers can introduce products/concepts, or just talk about the latest trends in the niche of their expertise.

Benefits of Influencer Marketing Services

We know influencer marketing services are popular, but what benefits do we see in practice?

One of the biggest benefits is how easy and impactful it is to integrate influencer-generated content with other digital activities. For example, imagine supporting your latest product launch with a macro influencer’s sponsored posts.

Or what about partnering with micro influencers to create compelling content you can re-purpose in Facebook ads?

For agencies with e-commerce clients, use an influencer’s following on Instagram to expand theirs.

Tip: Promote a contest through influencers to draw interest and interactions.

These are only the tip of the iceberg of the potential you get from adding influencer marketing services to your agency’s arsenal. Other benefits are:

  • An established demand for influencer campaigns: More and more companies are  considering the value of working with influencers.

  • Proven effectiveness: Not only is influencer marketing great for driving engagement across social media, but it can also have an extremely high ROI if executed correctly. This is great for agencies that may have clients with lower marketing budgets.

  • Supporting/improving other digital activities: One major issue clients have with digital marketing agencies is the feeling that their money is only going towards addressing one issue at a time. Influencer marketing is great for allaying that fear. No matter what other services your client is purchasing, influencer marketing can enhance it.

  • Relative recency: Digital marketing experts know all about diminishing returns. The 500-word SEO blog used to be a novel idea. Now every site has it. While influencer marketing has a lot of buzz, there’s still a lot of unexplored potential, especially with microinfluencers. This means that clients, and the agencies that offer influencer campaigns to them, can stand apart.

Become A Proper Influencer Marketing Agency

Becoming a digital marketing agency means having the chance to fill a need that every company needs now more than ever. As much attention as digital marketing is getting from businesses, the fact is that mastering it can be an overwhelming challenge for most as costs and pressure increase. This offers a great opportunity for agencies to get involved, but only if they offer the right services.

Adding influencer campaigns to your portfolio is a perfect example of the added work being worth the payoff. Not only does it show you are in tune with modern trends, but it also sets you apart from the hundreds of other agencies out there.

If you’re ready to add influencer marketing services to your agency portfolio, take a look at some of the opportunities we have available, and our process of connecting you to the right influencer as well.

In addition, you can reach out to us to book a free strategy session here.