Why integrate influencer marketing into your digital marketing mix in 2019?

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

integrate influencer marketing

Why Influencer marketing? Influencer Marketing I has rapidly become one of the most popular trends in the digital marketing landscape.

There are thousands of brands competing for attention and make an impact on their target market by disseminating creative, engaging and informative content on the internet. Content marketing has become an integral part of digital marketing strategy.

As a consequence, brands are always on the hunt to find new influencers who can promote their brand by writing about it in the form of a blog or an article and share it with their large following on social media, subscribers, etc.

Why influencer marketing?

Gone are the days when brands sought attention by disseminating official press releases to bloggers. The style and presentation of content your audience is attracted to has evolved over the course of one year and in order to have a lasting impact, you need to modify your strategy accordingly to get maximum benefit.

For instance, rich media platforms like Instagram and YouTube have an ever-increasing consumer base that can help brands engage with massive audience. This is the reason why more brands are looking to collaborate with a number of influencers who can promote the brand in their circles.

Due to the increasing consumer demand for fresh and creative content, brands regularly seek out influencers who can promote their product or services. Majority of the brands entering the world of influencer marketing, feel that it is very tedious and time consuming, on the contrary, with the emergence of influencer marketing tools, influencer marketing has become standardized.

Today, brands do not have to advertise themselves online through pop up ads or banner ads, they can reach out to their consumers through influencer marketing. They can hire social media influencers who create content that reaches out to millions of targeted consumers.

Online advertising trend has been on the decline due to the emergence of ad blockers that causes a major hindrance for brands to reach out to more consumers.

Here, influencer marketing plays a dynamic role for the brand in terms of marketing and promotion. An influencer can positively leave an impact on your target market by simply sharing his impartial view about your product or service and invite people to try out your brand, rather than forcefully advocating all the benefits and features of the product or service.

What influencer discovery platform can you use?

Pre-recorded Demo of Fourstarzz Influencer Marketing Platform

If you are a brand marketer looking for influencers on social media who can help you reach out to a wider audience or if you are looking for a way to create an early buzz around your new product or service to get maximum feedback and sales. You should add influencer marketing to your digital.

There are hundreds of great influencer discovery and management tools available for brands and digital marketers – each with its own standard when it comes to search criteria and metrics. Many of them have an inventory of specific influencers and as a marketer it is often hard to compare influencers across multiple platforms and ultimately find the best fitting influencer for your brand.

Fourstarzz Media invests in making it easier for marketers to search and compare social media influencers. Fourstarzz has come up with the best value in market influencer discovery platform, that enables brands and digital marketers to easily search and compare the best and most suitable influencers for their brand. The platform empowers brands to connect with key influencers and power up your next campaign.

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