Why Influencer Marketing is Essential for Brands in 2019?

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Whether you are trying to

- Increase traffic

- Increase sales

- Or convert better

Everything starts with awareness and credibility.

Especially if your brand is not that well known, you want to increase credibility, and position your brand in a unique way.

3 main challenges

To do so you have to master 3 main challenges:

1. Advertise your products or services

2. Tell meaningful stories around your brand

3. Communicate authentically directly to your target group

As a brand or marketing manager, you want to convince and attract customers to purchase your product or service. You want your brand to be remarkable and memorable.

Influencer Marketing has proven to be a strong channel and has helped our customers across different industries and company sizes to attract attention and develop credibility.

Influencers are social media personalities that have the ability to modify or influence buying behaviors. Based on their content and expertise in a certain niche, they build up communities of trusted followers. Collaborating with influencers is powerful, as there is already a community ready to listen to messages, to stories and to learn about new products and brands. Influencers create authentic content, telling the brand stories in their own words and reaching an audience ready to listen.

Especially in times, where Facebook and Instagram are constantly changing algorithms, organic reach is decreasing, influencers play a key role to bring brands in touch with their potential audience.

Depending on which audience you want to reach, you can collaborate with YouTubers, Instagramers, Bloggers or leverage Facebook.

Yes, Facebook is losing some speed, but it still represents more than 2 billions of active users.

Instagram might though be the most interesting channel due to the growth. In Jan 2017, 500 million users / Sept 2018, 800 million users and today more than a billion.

But influencer marketing is not only great because they reach their communities. But influencer marketing can be leveraged to create content at scale.

Especially as animated Content or video content starts playing a major role, marketing teams can leverage influencers during the content creation process.

Example Video: A video appears in 14% of fall search results and it is 53 times more likely to be seen compared to other types of content. Video is a major traffic generator and Influencers - YouTuber, blogger or an Instagrammer who creates Instagram stories - can help you to get the right content produced.

Summing up: Why should you use influencer marketing in 2019?

Influencers are great in case you want to

- Increase reach

- Share your content

- Promote products & services

- Create unique content

- Create a new perspective

- Develop credibility

What are the Advantages?

- The influencer is not only advertising the products but also brings a personal & emotional connection to the content.

- The influencer is a trusted third party. It is not you the brand talking to the customer, but the influencer. That provides another perspective and is a powerful recommendation.

- Influencer Marketing impact is measurable. Studies show, that the ROI is 11x higher with IM compared to digital marketing (display/AdWords)

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