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Influencer W9 Form

We are not an accounting service, so this information might not be 100% correct. But if you are working with an influencer, you might need the influencers to send you their W9 form.


The IRS recommends that you request all vendors submit a W-9 when you plan to make payments to them of $600 or more if they are individuals or independent contractors.


Most influencers are aware of this procedure. What we do is send an email like the following: 


Hi Jen, 

Thanks so much for the great collaboration. We appreciated working with you. 


Our accounting asked us to request your W9-form. Can you please submit it together with your invoice?


You can download the form here:


Thanks so much, 


Again: we are not providing any legal or accounting consultancy. Therefore please check this topic with your accountant specialist as well.