Getting started with the product experience


After the contract has been signed, you need to enable influencers to test your product or service. Influencer Marketing is all about creating authentic content. 


Things to know

If you have a product that you can send to influencers, you should do so. That enables the influencers to test the product. They will be able to talk and describe your product much better if they have used it themselves. 


Once they received the product, they can create content. You want influencers to do their videos and pictures using your product. It will result in really authentic product reviews. You might only re-use the content if the images and videos contain the influencer with your product - that's the valuable asset. 


We recommend sending the product in a nicer packaging than the standard package. Include a personalized message in the box. That will make for great images if influencers do an unboxing video.


If you are selling software or an app, you want to set up the influencer as a free account user. We recommend connecting the influencer with an experienced onboarding specialist from your team. Brief your team member about the marketing campaign goals and explain that the influencer understands the software well. Make sure that you brief the influencer on the key selling points. Additionally, you might want to share some high-quality screen share videos that your team has created. In that way, the influencer can decide whether he/she is doing their videos or combining her/his content with your materials. 


If you are the owner of a brick and mortar store or a restaurant, invite the influencer to one of your locations. Ensure that the staff at the site is briefed and well dressed on the day the influencer visits. The pictures taken on that day will be your promotion. Invite the influencer for food (in case of a restaurant) or give them a specific value voucher to use in your store. 


How to send products

If the influencer can not choose the product and the specifications (like size, etc.) in your online store, ask them for their product specifications. 


Ask them as well for their address. You can store both the specifications and the address in the influencer management tool. Just click on the note button to enter the notes. 


After you shipped the product, send the influencer a short email with the tracking link. Ask as well for confirmation as soon they receive the product. 


How to create a service experience

Independent whether you ask the influencer to come to your brick and mortar location or a webinar: be prepared. 


Think about what you want to explain what impression you want to give. 

If an influencer comes to a store or if you invite them to a smaller event with multiple influencers, we recommend sending them an email with a briefing. Just outline what you want them to do and what output is expected.