Getting started with tracking the influencer results

You can track with influencer marketing the whole funnel:

  • Potential Impressions (= number of followers)

  • Impressions of post 

  • Engagements

  • Clicks on your landing page

  • Product sold


At the beginning of the campaign, you might want to provide the influencer with the right tracking tools so that you can track everything you need.


Things to know:

Fourstarzz provides you with two reporting dashboards in each campaign sheet. 

Analyze: You can enter the performance for each post on this tab. 

Report: Based on your input, you'll get here an automated dashboard. 

On the "Analyze" tab, you can enter the following information: 


a) URL of social media post

b) Reach -> enter here the number of followers

c) Impressions -> you need to get the number of impressions from the influencer. 

d) Number of likes -> enter here the number of likes

e) Number of comments -> enter here the number of comments

f) Number of shares ->enter here the number of shares (if available)

g) Number of landing page clicks -> enter here the number of clicks to your landing page that this post generated


The following information is publicly available, and you do not need to prepare anything : 

  • Link to post

  • Reach

  • Number of likes

  • Number of comments

  • Number of shares


After the publication, you need to ask the influencer for a screenshot of their social media analytics for the specific post. That's how you get the number for the impressions. 


To get the number of clicks, you need to have sent the influencer a trackable link. 


How to set up a trackable link: 

There are different types of trackable links, depending on what you want to track: 


a) Only track numbers of clicks from a particular social media post to your landing page. 


A free tool that you can use for that purpose is


You can easily define the name of your link. 

Screen Shot 2020-10-21 at 15.31.10.png

You can then see the number of clicks and the origin of the clicks.


If you use bitly, you want to create unique bitly links for each influencer. 


b) Track the number of clicks and sales generated

You can use UTM parameters to set this up in google analytics.

The easiest way to set up UTM parameters is by using the UTM parameter builder: 

Screen Shot 2020-10-21 at 15.34.44.png

Here is a great article that explains how to set up a UTM parameter to track clicks and sales: 


If you use UTM parameter, you can create unique links per influencer. Enter the influencer name in the UTM campaign term. Then differentiate the influencer's channel (i.e., Youtube, Instagram Feed Post, Instagram Story), etc. with the UTM Campaign Content.


c) Track the sales generated

Generate voucher codes for each influencer. Create voucher codes that are easy to remember. The common thing is to add influencername+voucher value. 

Example: Fourstarzz25


Once the vouchers are being used, you can identify exactly which influencer generated how much sales. 

How to send promo codes etc. to the influencer

Once you have everything together, you need to send the influencer the information per email. 


Tipp: use the notes field in the Fourstarzz Management tool to save the voucher codes, tracking links, etc. In case the influencer asks you again, you'll have them right there. 

Screen Shot 2020-10-21 at 15.12.43.png